Voluntary Authors, Ongoing

As a space for voluntary sector professionals to share knowledge and experiences, we hope many of you will write for us and engage in debate on the site.

Articles should be 400-800 words long. Write in the first person, and adopt a tone that is informal but informative. Always use specific examples, statistics, case studies and detail to back up your points. Include all links to research or media coverage you mention in the article. Keep it simple – good writing is clear and uncluttered. Read, re-read and strike out repetition, avoid or explain cultural references and any acronyms you use.

Whether you would like to submit an article once in a while or to create a whole column to manage it in representing Finland in international affairs on behalf of FINNBAY, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Translators, Ongoing

While interpreters and translators are both converters of language, we believe that they do so in distinct ways.

Due to our diversified services, occasionally we are in need of translators. Our requirements: be fluent in languages you know (upper-intermediate level is not accepted), extremely professional attitude, at least Bachelor’s Degree from a university, proficient in standard IT software such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point, quick in feedback/responding emails.

Send us an email with your CV including your expectations of payment (based on words in Euros) to register yourself in our translator pool. In your email subject, add “Translator Application: <languages that you can translate>, <your name>“.

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Internship Programme, Ongoing

FINNBAY has created an exciting voluntary opportunity for current students or recent graduates who will bring initiative, vision and coordination to a central component of FINNBAY’s Finland operations. Please contact us to get more information about the internship programme.

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Careers at Finnbay

FINNBAY Chauvinism!

“They were friendly and helpful in training new intern like me. Besides, I had an opportunity of being a part of Finnbay team to conduct projects.” Nguyen Ngoc, Salo, Finland.

“To be honest, I quite like the experience volunteering at FINNBAY. It is very rewarding. For example, imagine your articles are published in one of the best outlets in the world like WSJ!!!” Jake Reid, Helsinki, Finland.

“I am pleased to be a part of a dedicated and friendly team who are working (without a trace of doubt) for the betterment of the Finnish society.” Sitwat Langrial, Oulu, Finland.

“Simply it has been an awesome experience for me to work at Finnbay. Onur is warmhearted when it comes to welcoming people to the team compared to myself and he will okay pretty much any :) This is where we fight all the time!” Charlotte Tween, Helsinki, Finland.

“From being a zero, in such a short time I’ve become someone with some experiences which could be so precious and hard to get from other places.” Cuong Nguyen, Varkaus, Finland.

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