Story Submission


At Finnbay, we thrive to raise independent voice!

You can submit a news tip or full feature article of yours to us. We support variety of formats such as a magazine column, news item, review, events recap, theory talks, political or social analysis, and a critique.

In order for us to publish your article, you must be aware of our utiliberal ethical laws related to voicing at Finnbay:

Article Submission at Finnbay

  • Your article must contain appropriate language.
  • No advertising is allowed.
  • We uphold high journalism ethics, blogging format is not allowed.
  • Submissions related to bloggers link-exchange for their blogs are not allowed.
  • We have zero tolerance to any sort of discrimination unless it points out a generic social truth – and that is the truth and only the truth itself. Reference: John Stuart Mill (On Liberty).
  • You must own copyrights of the text and pictures you attach with this submission.
  • Your article must be original.
  • Length of your article must be somewhere between 500 and 1000 words.
  • By submitting your story to us you are giving us the sole editorial right to alter and/or draft and/or publish and own the story while promising to credit you (or not if you require so).

Send us your article at [email protected] when you are ready.