Cheapest Life Insurance in Finland: Reflectors

It is that time of the year where darkness invades all around Finland. One thing many tourists or new visitors to Finland undermine is the benefit of wearing a reflector. Wearing a reflector is a cheap life insurance in Finland.

Reflector Vest Finland. Courtesy of Jon Seidman:

Courtesy of Jon Seidman

People, who wear reflectors, are considerably more visible and visible at a greater distance than those without them. Most accidents involving pedestrians occur in urban areas with little street lighting. This makes reflectors just as useful in the city as they are in the countryside.

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A driver with long-range headlights on will see a pedestrian without a reflector from a distance of approximately 100 meters, depending on the pedestrian’s clothing. A reflector increases the distance to 300 meters. A pedestrian without a reflector can be seen at a distance of 30 meters with low beams on average, while a pedestrian with a reflector is visible from 150 meters.

Especially for the safety of your children, a reflector vest makes them pop in the darkness, making them easier to be noticed by speedy drivers.

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Reflector Vest Children FinlandEven in well-lit urban areas, it can be difficult to see pedestrians walking in the dark. For example, street lights and advertisement lights, as well as shadows of trees and bushes, can make it more difficult to see pedestrians or cyclists crossing the street.

A reflector is helpful also at the stop: by flashing your reflector at a stop, you can make sure the driver sees you. Raise your arm in good time to signal the driver you wish to board.

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Helsinki Region Transport’s (HSL) Travel Card casing is handy for this purpose, as it has a reflective surface on one side. Other municipalities should follow the initiation. Card casings can be picked up at HSL’s service point.