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A Celebration of Saunas. For the Finn’s, having a sauna is as essential as a cottage is to Canadians. We are told that there are more saunas in Finland than cars – over 3 million plus. No other country has attached so much national pride to their bath. Cold weather, abiding folk traditions, and hard living conditions (until recently) have made the sauna dear to the Finnish heart.

Where else would you see this many different styled saunas in the world but Finland?

Sauna Gondola in Ylläs

The Sauna Gondola runs on the 2km-long ski lift that brings skiers from the base station to the top of Ylläs, about 800m above sea level. we would’ve loved to see the puzzled expressions on the faces of Doppelmayr’s engineers (the world’s leading ropeway engineering company) when they were commissioned to build a ski-lift in Ylläs and include a custom-built sauna gondola. That’s right, a sauna cabin on a ski-lift!

We are quite sure the engineers doubted the mental state of their Finnish client upon hearing this requirement. However, the engineers rose to the challenge and built the gondola in accordance with the specifications of the Finns, the one and only sauna gondola in the world!




…And other creative saunas in Finland…


Solaris Sauna

Solaris is for the exhibitionists: a see-through clear sauna located in the heart of the city


It has a soundscape inside which changes with the temperature and the humidity. The sounds come out of the top of the so-called garlic.


Hot Cube is for the minimalists. Reached by a bridge, with no windows (again) the visitors can watch the water and fish through the lattice floor of the sauna.

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I am from the US and people also die or are permanently damaged/scarred from American football, other sports and other extreme activities such as rock or mountain climbing as well, so I say to each his or her own. The people that choose do this are certainly not going into it blindly.. they know exactly what can happen. Just my 2 cents. ;)


I think this is a bit too much - a person died last year during of those sauna championships...