Espoo-Family Attractions

The Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä

AddressThe WeeGee Exhibition Centre, Ahertajantie 5, 02100 Espoo
Phone+358 (0)9 8163 1833
Expenses€€, Admission for adults (the whole Centre with 5 museums) 12/10 €, free admission for visitors under 18 years and visitors over 70 years.

Welcome to admire toy treasures from attics and favourites of yesterday! The permanent exhibition at the Finnish Toy Museums Hevosenkenkä is called I spy… a whole load of toys and it introduces you to the history of Finnish toys and play from the end of the 19th century to the modern day. The museum also […]

WeeGee Exhibition Centre

AddressAhertajantie 5, Tapiola FI-02100 Espoo
Phone+358 (0)9 8163 1818

This Exhibition Centre holds five museums, an art gallery, a museum shop and a Cafe-restaurant.

Unga Teatern

AddressNuijalantie 9, 02630 Esbo - Espoo
Phone00358-(0)9-8620 8200

is a living Espoo, children’s and youth theater, which in recent years has enchanted fine around. Bilingual Theatre increase continuously new generations. Young theater has also made a good co-operation projects and is involved in the Espoo Cultural Trail project.

Mineralogical Museum and Geo Exhibition

AddressBetonimiehenkuja 4, 02151 Espoo
Phone+358 20 550 2166

Marketanpuisto Park

AddressPehtorinkuja 3, 02940 Espoo
Phone+358 40 8312 202

Huimala Family Entertainment Center

AddressJuvankartanontie 15, 02920 Espoo
Phone+358 20 7940 790


AddressKoivu-Mankkaan tie 5, 02200 Espoo
Phone+358 9 5024 7075

Gallery Hevosenkenkä

AddressJuhannusmäki 2, 02200 Espoo
Phone+358 9 4391 220

Espoo Cultural Centre

AddressSiltakatu 11, Espoon keskus
Phone00358 9 816 22112

Espoo Cultural Centre is a performing arts and cultural life of the main stage in Espoo, Finland

Bowl Circus Sello

AddressRatsukatu 3, 02600 Espoo
Phone+358 10 841 8851

Unique bowling centre for families, companies – for business and leisure.