Unga Teatern

AddressNuijalantie 9, 02630 Esbo - Espoo
Phone00358-(0)9-8620 8200

is a living Espoo, children’s and youth theater, which in recent years has enchanted fine around. Bilingual Theatre increase continuously new generations. Young theater has also made a good co-operation projects and is involved in the Espoo Cultural Trail project.

The Finnish Museum of Horology

AddressWeeGee, Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola, Espoo
Phone(0)9 8163 0521

The museum is specialized in the history of time measuring, clocks and watches.

The Gallen-Kallela Museum

AddressGallen-Kallelan tie 27, FIN-02600 Espoo
Phone(0)9 849 2340

The Finnish national artist\\s castle-like atelier home, built 1911-13 in the Art Nouveau style and still in its original attire.

Tapiola Garden City

AddressMerituulentie, Espoo

The name Tapiola is derived from Tapio, who is the forest god of Finnish mythology, especially as expressed in the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. Tapiola was largely constructed in the 1950s and 1960s by the Finnish apartment foundation and was designed as a garden city. It is the location for the Espoo cultural […]


AddressInnopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, Espoo
Phone00358 (0)9 2517 7440

Otaniemi is the largest technology, innovation and business hub in Finland and in Northern Europe (according to the number of companies and R&D centers located within its vicinity).

Nature House Villa Elfvik

AddressElfvikintie 4, 02600 Espoo
Phone+358 9 8165 4400

The Nature House Villa Elfvik is located on the Northern Edge of the Laajalahti Nature Reserve.

Espoo Cultural Centre

AddressSiltakatu 11, Espoon keskus
Phone00358 9 816 22112

Espoo Cultural Centre is a performing arts and cultural life of the main stage in Espoo, Finland


AddressPohjoinen Hesperiankatu 13 B 17, 00260  Helsinki
Phone+358 9 4777 300

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