Helsinki-Restaurants on Helsinki Islands


AddressKanavaranta 7 00160 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 6128 5500

The Sipuli Restaurant is set in a restored brick warehouse. The kitchen serves a combination of Nordic traditions and new international cuisine.


AddressLuoto (Klippan) 00140 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 7425 5590

Restaurant Saaristo is a summer restaurant located on a small island “Luoto – Klippan” near Kaivopuisto.


AddressSirpalesaari 00150 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 7425 5566

Restaurant Saari is located on the Sirpalesaari island. The restaurant provides Finnish specialities.

Restaurant Suomenlinna Brewery

AddressRantakasarmi, Suomenlinna C 1 FI-00190 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 228 5030

Restaurant Suomenlinna and the Brewery pub built in 1870 offers tasting local beers. Their conference room has a sea view.

Ravintola Walhalla

AddressSuomenlinna A 10 FI-00190 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 668 552

Restaurant Walhalla is located on the historic grounds on the fortified southern edge of the Kustaanmiekka isle, Suomenlinna. The restaurant offers a bar, a stunning sea view terrace and the Pizzeria Nikolai.

Ravintola Särkänlinna (Kesäravintola)

AddressSärkänsaari 00130 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 1345 6756

Restaurant Särkänlinna is located in a fortress on the island of Särkkä. The kitchen of the restaurant combines French and Finnish traditions spiced up with some Russian influences.


AddressPihlajasaari FI-00150 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 6222 532

Restaurant Pihlajasaari is located on the island of Pihlajasaari. The Cafe-restaurant has served customers in an 120-year-old wooden villa, called villa Hällebo, for over 80 years. The restaurant provides Finnish specialities, e.g. smoked salmon from the own smokery and home made doughnuts.


AddressTykistölahti, Suomenlinna B 1 FI-00190 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)10 841 9195

Lunch and a la carte restaurant with a pleasant courtyard terrace.


AddressLiuskasaari FI-00140 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 1345 6766

A restaurant in Liukasaari, open in summer, serving seasonal dishes.