Helsinki-Finnish Cuisine


AddressLuoto (Klippan) 00140 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 7425 5590

Restaurant Saaristo is a summer restaurant located on a small island “Luoto – Klippan” near Kaivopuisto.


AddressSirpalesaari 00150 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 7425 5566

Restaurant Saari is located on the Sirpalesaari island. The restaurant provides Finnish specialities.

Rutumin Kartano

AddressHasselblattintie 5 07800 Lapinjärvi

Rutumi Manor, originally built in 1794 evokes the spirit of the past. Manor is located 90 km from Helsinki. The restaurant offers traditional Finnish delicious buffet table which is served in the former bakery-room, including a shot of traditional Rutumi schnapps.


AddressAlbertinkatu 38 FI-00180 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 643 455

The Rivoli restaurant serves fish and seafood, but offers also a wide range of Finnish and French specialties.

Restaurant Suomenlinna Brewery

AddressRantakasarmi, Suomenlinna C 1 FI-00190 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 228 5030

Restaurant Suomenlinna and the Brewery pub built in 1870 offers tasting local beers. Their conference room has a sea view.

Restaurant Olo

AddressKasarmikatu 44 00130 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 665 565

Restaurant Olo is all about Scandinavian cuisine.

Ravintola Walhalla

AddressSuomenlinna A 10 FI-00190 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 668 552

Restaurant Walhalla is located on the historic grounds on the fortified southern edge of the Kustaanmiekka isle, Suomenlinna. The restaurant offers a bar, a stunning sea view terrace and the Pizzeria Nikolai.

Ravintola Särkänlinna (Kesäravintola)

AddressSärkänsaari 00130 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 1345 6756

Restaurant Särkänlinna is located in a fortress on the island of Särkkä. The kitchen of the restaurant combines French and Finnish traditions spiced up with some Russian influences.

Ravintola Graniittilinna

AddressSäästöpankinranta 6 FI-00530 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)20 7424 250

Restaurant Graniittilinna serves a la carte dishes based on traditional Finnish fare.


AddressPihlajasaari FI-00150 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 6222 532

Restaurant Pihlajasaari is located on the island of Pihlajasaari. The Cafe-restaurant has served customers in an 120-year-old wooden villa, called villa Hällebo, for over 80 years. The restaurant provides Finnish specialities, e.g. smoked salmon from the own smokery and home made doughnuts.

Olympia Bistro

AddressOlympiastadion, 00250 Helsinki
Phone(09) 447 591

Sodexo mainly provides catering services to variety of venues, their restaurants include Finnish-European cuisine. They also allow for venue hires.


AddressFredrikinkatu 41, Kamppi, 00120 Helsinki
Phone+358 9 428 91213


AddressMesseniuksenkatu 7 FI-00250 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 241 4950

Restaurant Messenius serves traditional Finnish cuisine. It was founded in 1937.


AddressDagmarinkatu 2/Museokatu 10 FI-00100 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 5807 7707

Manala/Botta is a restaurant, disco and bar popular among students.


AddressMechelininkatu 39 FI-00250 Helsinki
Phone+358 (0)9 440 833

Restaurant Lehtovaara was founded in 1940. The restaurant serves Finnish and international cuisine.