“Europe is No Way a Christian Club”

The European Union being considered as a “Christian Club” has been one of the most popular debates in EU talks. While the Commission is very careful about what it states in relation to the issue, it also tries to stay neutral (to stay out of the debate) and somewhat connote the idea that the EU […]

Entrepreneurship and What to Learn from Angry Birds’ Story

Have you come across a working paper series published by the Finnish government? In the study, the Finnish editor explicitly says that “Finland is no land of opportunity for migrants,” and the editor even goes further to say that only Thai and Estonians would be eligible to match with that of ethnic Finns. I will […]

American Education System Does Not Coexist with Finland’s Teaching Methods

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 14 May 2014. The constant debate of Finland’s educational system make ears buzz at the very sound of it. Finland has organized their educational system opposite of what reformers think is an effective educational practice. The reformers think standardized testing and longer school days are the best forms of education for Finns. […]

True Finns Party Prevent Syrian Infants to Find Home in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 18 March 2014. According to several local media sources, the True Finns party members in Lieksa prevented 9 refugee children from Syria to find home in Finland. The True Finns Party members of the Lieksa municipal council overturned the proposal to take in the quota refugees for the Syrian infants. Even though the […]

Räsänen’s Take 2 on Finland’s Immigration Strategy

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 17 March 2014. Under the control of the Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen, Finnish immigration is renewed to be more efficient than ever to benefit Finland according to Räsänen. However, no one yet knows what the strategy actually is. “The key objective here is to raise the employment rate of immigrants. Finland only […]

Two Reasons Why Americans Immigrate to Finland

Not sure if you have realized yet but lately I have noticed the increasing number of foreigners in Finland who come from the U.S. or Canada. It is strange. Under the need to satisfy my “wonder”, I wanted to find out why they chose to migrate to Finland. This is important because after all, they […]

Terrorist Attacks in Nigeria not Blockade for Finnish Companies

It is now one year and four months I arrived in Finland to start studying at the Oulu Business School. Within this period, I have managed engagement with companies and entrepreneurs interested to enter Nigeria markets and have become aware of some reactions about business opportunities in Nigeria for Finnish companies. I am therefore prompted […]

What Car Racing in Finland Can Teach the US About Poverty

We have the best drivers in the world. Hands down. From US’ Fox News to England’s BBC, everyone accepts that we, Finns, are the best drivers in the world – whether we compete in Formula 1 or in street racing. Our greatness in racing goes so far that even some academics attempt to example our talents […]

10 Stories that Shaped Finland in 2013

Last night, we finally kissed 2013 goodbye. It was a terrible year for Finland. Unfortunately, news that shaped Finland in 2013 included much of sadness and a little happiness. No matter what, we reported them. It is time to look back on the news stories that made impact locally and nationally in Finland in 2013. […]

How Finland “the Grinch” Stole Santa from Turkey

Santa as a brand is precious. It is a great package-deal being attached to happiness, warmth, joy, honesty, and “giving free” stuff to children as in being a good Samaritan. Almost any entity whether it is a nation, society or a company in the world attaches Santa to their brand(s). I struggle to understand the hype as […]

Debt Recovery Practices in Finland: A Case of Lindorff

I have served as a Collection Manager and Credit Controller for organizations including Capital Finance and GE Collection Agency as a debt collector as well as a recovery agent. The codes for debt collection are very simple and straight. It is stressed that the established principles and procedures are followed aptly and with equality. The […]

Immigration & Neutralization in Finland: A Case of Implicit Discrimination?

For decades, developed countries have encouraged foreigners to reside permanently in their so-called “new homeland”. The USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand are exceptional examples. In terms of encouraging highly skilled and / or educated individuals, countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand have established systematic procedures generally referred as point-based systems. […]

Is Finland a Secular Nation?

To some it seems self-evident. Finland is a secular country. It does not legally endorse any particular religion. This must make it secular – right? In fact, this is indecent in almost any way you could examine the matter. Let us take the matter de facto first. As any poll will show you, Finnish are […]

Finland’s Social Security Must Support Opportunities for Meaningful Choices

A law reform, which enabled an unemployed person to study optionally during an unemployment period, was conducted during the time of Anni Sinnemäki from the Green Party who was acting as the Minister of Employment. According to a recent research carried out by the Ministry of Employment and Economic Development, this has significantly improved unemployed […]

EU-Turkey: After 3+ Years, Adhesion Negotiations to Restart

(FINNBAY-ANSAmed) – LUXEMBOURG, OCTOBER 23 – After a three-year stall, the EU is restarting negotiations for Turkey’s adhesion to the Union. The process will begin November 5 in Brussels with talks on the regional policies negotiation chapter. But the real challenge for future relations between Turkey and the EU is to be played out on […]