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The EU Gives “Useful Tips for Worry-Free Summer” as Holiday Season Arrives

As the holiday season in Europe has already started, the EU Commission has released a guidance document in answering the most common questions from the travellers: if you are wondering who will cover the costs of your treatment in case of an accident or want to know what papers to prepare before taking your dog […]

Finland’s Government Expenditure Rises by 1.5 Percent Further

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 17 June 2014. Finland’s government expenditure price index rose by 1.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2014 compared to a year earlier. One of the implications of this value is that Finland will have further problems with the EU’s Central Bank and the Commission related to exceeding government debt and expenditure. Also […]

“Europe is No Way a Christian Club”

The European Union being considered as a “Christian Club” has been one of the most popular debates in EU talks. While the Commission is very careful about what it states in relation to the issue, it also tries to stay neutral (to stay out of the debate) and somewhat connote the idea that the EU […]

Finland to Force Sulphur Emissions from Shipping by 2015

(FINNBAY) – Turku, 14 June 2014. Finland is preparing to introduce stricter provisions on sulphur emissions from shipping by the beginning of 2015. The move is part of the adaptation of the implementation of new climate protection provisions approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and on amendments to legislation required by the EU Sulphur Directive. […]

EU Social Security Legislation Threatens Finland’s Social Welfare System

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 12 June 2014. EU’s new legislation on the harmonisation of social security threatens the stability of Finland’s national social welfare system. Unless Finnish lobbyists manage to make concrete changes in the EU’s new legislation, Finland may end up paying out benefits to a large number of people in the EU who have not […]

Fiat, Apple, and Starbucks Under EU Antitrust Probe

(FINNBAY-ANSA) – Brussels, 11 June 2014. Italian-American car manufacturer Fiat is one of three multinational companies implicated in a probe by the European commission into whether tax arrangements granted by three EU countries amounted to illegal State aid. The EU’s antitrust regulator said Wednesday it had opened an investigation to examine whether tax deals granted […]

Finland Applies for EU Globalisation Adjustment Fund for STX Redundancy

(FINNBAY) – Turku, 10 June 2014. Finland has applied to receive a funding from the EU’s Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) to cover the layoffs of STX Finland’s Rauma shipyard. The application is worth 2.4 million euros, of which the EU’s contribution is 60 percent. Also Read: Vapaavuori to Speed Up Finland and Meyer Werft Bid to Buy […]

European Investment Bank Gives €25 million to Angry Birds Maker Rovio

(FINNBAY) – Brussels, 5 June 2014. The European Investment Bank (EIB) agreed to give €25 million to the Angry Birds game maker Rovio to “to support Rovio’s technological innovations in various entertainment sectors.” This is the first transaction under a new generation of joint financial instruments providing support to innovative companies that the European Commission and the […]

Brussels OKs EU Candidature of Albania

(FINNBAY-ANSAmed) – Brussels, 4 June 2014. The European Commission has once again promoted Tirana, saying that Albania deserves the status of EU membership candidate. This latest report was aimed at the 28 member states ahead of a decision at an EU Council scheduled later this month. Also Read: Albania: EU will Help on Way to EU […]

Israel’s Netanyahu Frustrated Seeing EU-UN Backing of Palestine

(FINNBAY-ANSAmed) – Tel-Aviv, 4 June 2014. The new Palestinian national unity government won in just a few hours the public backing, after the US, of both of the UN and EU, Italy included, as well as many other nations. Also Read: EU Grants €16.4 Million to Palestine for April Salaries The diplomatic pressure on Israel is […]

Etihad Deal to Force Alitalia Give Up to 2,500 Jobs

(FINNBAY-ANSA) – Rome, 4 June 2014. Between 2,400 and 2,500 layoffs are expected at Italian flag carrier Alitalia once a major investment deal has been finalized with Etihad Airways, Italian Labor Minister Giuliano Poletti said Tuesday. The two carriers announced on Sunday that they were near to finalizing a major investment deal, if Alitalia’s board […]

EU Under-25 Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly

(FINNBAY-ANSAmed) – Brussels, 3 June 2014. European Union and Eurozone youth unemployment declined slightly in April, when it stood at 5.259 million or 22.5% and 3.381 million or 23.5% respectively, Eurostat said Tuesday. Also Read: Unemployment Benefit Costs to Government Almost Doubled in Finland Unemployed under-25s dropped by 415,000 in the EU-28 countries and by 202,000 […]

The EU Mercies Finland’s Government Debt Limit Breach

(FINNBAY) – Brussels, 3 June 2014. The EU Commission published a report analysing the reasons for a planned and forecast breach of the Treaty reference value for public debt (60% of GDP) in the case of Finland. It has concluded that the planned breach is explained by Finland’s support to the mechanisms set up to safeguard financial stability in […]

Austrian and Finnish Agencies to Fight Against Homophobia in Kosovo

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 30 May 2014. Even though Finland has not fully tackled its homophobia problem at home, it does not stop her from using EU money to fight against homophobia outside of Finland. In the end, it is good for the country brand. Also Read: Gay Rights in Finland Lags Behind Nations Like Malta, Croatia and […]

Portugal Exiting Financial Bailout

The primary discourse about the Euro has changed dramatically. Good news seems to abound: Europe is in recovery, Ireland existed its financial bailout, Greece posted a primary budget surplus, and now Portugal is exiting its own financial bailout. This is all good news of course, but all of it has a darker side. Europe is […]