Crime & Accident

258 People Died in Traffic Accidents in Finland in 2013

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 18 June 2014. There were 5,334 road traffic accidents involving personal injury which resulted 258 people to be killed and 6,681 to be injured in Finland in 2013. The statistics show an improvement compared to the previous year. There were three more fatalities (6,684) and 407 fewer injured persons than in 2012. According […]

Asleep Finnish Driver Kills 8-Year-Old Girl in Car Accident

(FINNBAY) – Pöytyä, 18 June 2014. 8-year-old girl and a 30-40 year-old woman was killed in a car accident in southwestern Finland on Tuesday afternoon caused by an asleep truck driver, police said. Also Read: Kuhmo: Car Accident Causes 12 Year-Old Dead The accident took place on Pöytyä Highway 9. The truck driver was a young […]

Carelessness Causes Fire at Saarijärvi Church Camp for Children

(FINNBAY) – Saarijärvi, 17 June 2014. Saarijärvi church’s camp center was caught on fire on Monday night. One of the Church’s Bible was burnt down. The electric stove in the sauna section of the camp caused the fire, police said. Also Read: More Finns Lose Their Religion As the Years Go Passing By Saarijärvi is a small town in Finland with a population of 10,373 as […]

Man Driven Over by VR Train in Kemi

(FINNBAY) – Paattio (Kemi), 16 June 2014. A man hit by Finnish train was killed on Sunday at 17:30, police said. The man was attempting to cross the train path on foot. After he was hit by the train, he died at the scene due to his injuries. The identity of the deceased man has not been […]

Finnish Police Website Struck Down For Hours

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 16 June 2014. Security infrastructure of the Finnish police’s data servers may not be adequate enough to handle the current load, as revealed by the recent technical fault that let the website to go down for hours on Sunday. Also Read: Corruption: Finnish Police Officer Arrested for Smuggling Drugs According to Police, the website […]

Case of Finnish Mother Who Killed Her Five Babies Enlightened Further

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 13 June 2014. The Finnish police revealed further information about the Finnish mother who killed five of her babies and piled them in a box to hide in a storage room in her apartment basement in Oulu. According to the latest interview with the murderer Finnish mother, police said that the first […]

Jyväskylä Man Stabbed in front of Shopping Mall

(FINNBAY) – Jyväskylä, 12 June 2014. A 24-year-old man was stabbed right in front of a central shopping mall in Jyväskylä, Finland on Wednesday night. A 32-year-old man stabbed the youngster in the upper body with a knife several times. According to police, an eyewitnesses alerted the security guards of the shopping mall who helped catching the […]

Man with Gun Terrorizes the Public in Kamppi, Helsinki

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 8 June 2014. An unstable man threatened a number of random people with his gun in Kamppi area in Helsinki on Saturday at 16:00. The suspect is a 22-year-old Finnish man. The police captured the man and took him to the interrogation room in Helsinki police station. The motivation behind the man’s […]

Finnish Mother, Who Killed Her 5 Children, Had 20,000 Euros Debt

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 7 June 2014. New reports show that the Finnish mother who killed five of her babies, had over 20,000 euros debt to the city and private debt collectors. According to sources, the woman was in massive debt and failed to pay bills of her teenage son’s school payment, a women’s magazine annual subscription, […]

Finnish Mother Who Killed Her Babies: My First Pregnancy Was Surprise to My Man

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 6 June 2014. The 35-year-old Finnish mother who murdered five of her children and piled them in a package in her closet room was defined as “loving”, “normal” Finnish person by neighbours and friends. One of the woman’s old family member described her as a happy and a cordial person. She said […]

Finnish Mother Killed 5 Of Her Babies Thought of Burials at One Point

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 6 June 2014. The Finnish mother who killed five of her babies and piled them in a package in her basement had thousands of euros unpaid child care fees along with interest rates, said local sources. The woman was living with her teenage son and she is still in recovery of her […]

Finnish Mother Killed 5 of Her Own Babies Says “What More Can Go Wrong?”

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 5 June 2014. A Finnish mother was caught for murdering her babies and piling their dead bodies in a closet in the basement of an apartment building on Wednesday in Oulu. For now, police has found five dead bodies in the package. According to sources, the mother’s last message was, “what more can […]

Tampere Entrepreneur Kidnapped and Lost €10,000

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 4 June 2014. Tampere entrepreneur complained to the Finnish police that he was robbed by a hitchhiker on Wednesday. The entrepreneur from Hervanta picked up a hitchhiker who threatened him with a handgun for cash. The businessman gave about €10,000 to the hitchhiker after being held hostage for about an hour. Also Read: 5-Year-Old Boy Found […]

Neighbors Shocked by Five Baby Killings in Oulu

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 4 June 2014. Recently, Save the Children organisation chose Finland as the best place to be mother. Related or not, Finland is shocked by the mother who kept five of her new-born children piled in a package for almost ten years in a basement in Oulu in Finland. According to neighbours, the mother […]

Police Found Five of Children’s Dead Bodies Piled in Closet in Oulu

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 4 June 2014. Led by an “insider tip,” Finnish police found five of children’s dead bodies piled in a closet in the basement of an apartment building on Wednesday in Oulu. The bodies were found piled in a package placed in the storage room. Also Read: Man Stabs Woman Several Times Don’t Know […]