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After 20 years of Operation, Helsinki Nightclub Becomes an Evangelical Church

(FINNBAY – Helsinki, 18 June 2014. So-so popular, Dante’s Highlight nightclub at Frederick Street 42 will soon become an Evangelical Church after being acquired by the Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland (LEAF) to lease to own the property. The LEAF is expected to complete the renovation by 2016. “For us, we would like to be placed in […]

About 4% of Finnish Organic Producers Banned Due to Fraud

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 18 June 2014. About 4% of organic producers in Finland were banned from conducting their businesses due to fraud such as illegal and/or unhealthy conditions, the government said on Tuesday. In 2013, there were about five thousand Finnish organic producers – the number of producers have been ‘almost’ unchanged from the year […]

Finland in Support of Preventing Sexual Violence in War

(FINNBAY) – London, 13 June 2014. The UK organised a high-profile gathering to combat the increasing prevalence of sexual violence in war zones. Angelina Jolie was the highlight person of the guests. The Finnish Development Minister Pekka Haavisto attended the event as well. Also Read: Children Account Up to 80% of Victims of Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones The […]

New Research Shows How to Bring Down Malaria Rates Worldwide

(FINNBAY-ANSA) – Rome, 11 June 2014. Italian and British researchers have genetically modified mosquitoes that only produce male offspring, a step that could drastically bring down the stinging pests’ numbers along with malaria rates worldwide. The research, conducted by Imperial College London and published Tuesday in Nature Communications, is headed by Andrea Crisanti, who divides […]

Less Faith More Money: Church Membership Continues to Fall in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 9 June 2014. According to the Free Thinkers institution, a total of 2,237 people resigned from the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Orthodox Church in May 2014 alone. Compared to earlier data, the trend of abandoning the religion over money seems to continue in Finland. When compared to the early years, May […]

Recession Pushes Finland to Spend More on Social Assistance

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 8 June 2014. Finnish recession, which started off by the end of 2006, has forced the government to increase the expenditure on social benefits each year. In 2013, gross expenditure amounted to a total of 736,3 million euros in Finland. Also Read: 13.2% of People in Finland Live in Poverty After Social Benefits […]

House Prices Continue to Rise in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 8 June 2014. Prices of single-family houses (detached) in Finland has continued to rise in 2014 when compared to previous years. However, in the first quarter of 2014, prices fell by an average of 3.3 per cent from the previous year in the whole country. In Greater Helsinki, prices went down by […]

Young Men Have Higher Risk to be Unemployed in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 7 June 2014. Younger men have a higher risk to be unemployed in Finland than older ones, according to the latest government data. In other words, being a young woman in Finland has perks in getting employment. In Finland, of the 2.3 million persons employed at the end of 2012, 4.4 per cent […]

Hundreds March for Equality in Tampere

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 7 June 2014. Hundreds gathered today to march for equality and human rights in Tampere. The organisers emphasise that their cause is not just for sexual-equality but in general. The marchers end up at a gathering event, which is mainly in Finnish. Pirkanmaan Pride’s original name of the event roughly translates to “the […]

Finland to Launch New Climate Change Act

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 7 June 2014. The Government has today approved the proposal for an act on climate change. The Climate Change Act will require an emissions reduction target of 80% by 2050. First and foremost, the act is intended to serve as a tool for the Government and Parliament to reach the emissions reduction […]

1,000 Liters of Sulfuric Acid Leaked into the Pori Bay

(FINNBAY) – Pori, 5 June 2014. About 1,000 liters of sulfuric acid leaked into the central Pori bay (Mäntyluoto harbor) due to the ship-loading accident on Wednesday. The accident did not cause any injuries apart from its damage to the environment. Pori is a small city on the west coast of Finland with a population of 83,487 as of January 2014. Sulfuric […]

Finland to Cooperate with Baltic and Nordic Nations on Plant Health Diagnostic Laboratories

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 2 June 2014. Finland is preparing itself to cooperate with scientists in Baltic and Nordic nations on plant health diagnostic laboratories. The first move came from the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) announcing to host the 2014 forum for the matter in Helsinki in June. The forum will focus on identification methods for plant […]

Finns Falling Behind The Success of Scandinavian Countries Fast

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 2 June 2014. A recent research conducted by Norden warns Finland of its instability of the the future of its welfare system. Compared to other Nordic, Arctic and Scandinavian countries, Finland’s performance is strikingly negative. “Finland is falling behind Sweden and Denmark whether it is related to the economic performance of public services, […]

Robot Baby Seal Helps Alzheimer’s Patients

(FINNBAY-ANSA) – Florence, 31 May 2014. A robot pet, created to resemble a baby seal, is helping Alzheimer’s patients improve their condition through a form of ‘pet therapy’ in a study conducted by researchers at the University of Siena. Also Read: Olive Oil May Fight Alzheimer’s, Italian Study Shows The study, including research from the learning […]

Crisis: Gambling in Finnish Schools Increase at Alarming Rate

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 29 May 2014. According to a recent study conducted by a private gambling firm, Finnish kids’ (younger than 17 years old) addiction to gambling is at an alarming rate. In Finland, gambling is prohibited for those who are under the 18 years of age. Nevertheless, that does not stop young people from […]