Dance Theatre ERI

AddressYliopistonkatu 7, Turku
Phone02 250 1032

Dance Theatre ERI was founded in 1989 by Finnish dancer-choreographers Tiina Lindfors, Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini. The theatre’s program includes performances, from short-act performances to full evening dance productions.

Turku Open Air Theatre

AddressVartiovuori, Turku

Turku City Theatre

AddressItäInen Rantakatu 14, Turku
Phone+358 2 262 0000

Samppalinna Summer Theatre

AddressPaavo Nurmen Puistotie 3, Turku
Phone+358 2 232 9050

Samppalinna summer theatre is Finland has been operating for fifty years in Finland. Samppalinna specializes in musicals.


AddressLinnankatu 31, Turku
Phone+358 2 232 1215

Crusell Music Week

AddressRauhankatu 10, Turku
Phone+358 2 8451 5302

Crusell Music Festival, dedicated to woodwind instruments, is held in Uusikaupunki in July.

Cirque Dracula

AddressSpiegeltent Theatre, Turku

You will be tempted in intoxicating company, by candlelight, with a glass of blood-red wine. This is European cabaret at its best. The show takes place in the enchanting Spiegeltent Theatre in the centre of Turku. International circus performers, most of whom have performed with Cirque de Soleil, interpret the story with passionate and dangerous […]

Barker Theatre

AddressVirusmäentie 65, Turku
Phone02 238 3903

Barker-theater is a dancing, improvisation, circus and grotesque carnival group.

Åbo Svenska Teater

AddressAurakatu 10, Turku
Phone+358 2 277 7379