Fine Dining: Helsinki, March ’13

Fine Dining Guide: Helsinki, March ’13

Whether you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime meal or just need to grab a quick bite, we’ve got some great ideas and advice about where to eat in in Helsinki City.


1 – Saslik

We see Saslik with two separate identities: one where non-Russians enjoy the restaurant and believe that they are in an authentic Russian restaurant; and the second one where Russian natives regret pretty much everything Saslik does.

Saslik Russian Restaurant Helsinki

Let’s start with seeing Saslik from the eyes of being a non-Russian person: we chose this restaurant to get introduced to traditional Russian food. It is a beautiful restaurant, with great service and life performers. All food that we tried was very good. They served authentic Russian food like meat dishes made from bear.

The table even shared a Baked Alaska to finish. The atmosphere is authentic, warm, and came with its own entertainment; a threesome serenaded the table with song, and stringed instruments. The live music is a bit loud at times but it’s not constantly playing. All-in-all a lovely evening.

Now, it is from the eyes of our Russian native friends: 90% of the items in Saslik’s menu were foreign to us. Not even the far east Russia cooks such things. Whilst there was nothing wrong with anything we ate here, it was quite expensive. We had a feeling that neither kitchen nor service had many things in common with Russia. The waitress had just a slight picture of Russian language. And what is the thing with bear?

So, there you go. Two different views for Saslik! For someone coming to visit Helsinki, we would recommend to try it out for the arguments’ sake.

$$$$$, Good to check out, See venue details

2 – Gaijin

Gaijin Japanese Restaurant

Gaijin is for those who love Asian cuisine, specifically from Japanese and Northern style kitchen.

The decor is dark and moody. It has big windows and a boulevard park as a view. The setting is smaller and more intimate creating a shared space. Tables are quite close to each other which makes for a good atmosphere but your conversations aren’t necessarily too private!

The food is fantastic. Crispy soft shell crab, sesame scallops, Korean salad, dim sum with tigerprawns, spicy chicken drum sticks and pork belly… Depending on your budget, we advise you to go for the signature menu. It will take you on a great journey of tastes.

Don’t forget the drinks like the asian style Mojito with ginger and the good deserts.

Service is good though they should have their waiters walk around a bit as we could not find one when we wanted to leave and pay for the bill!


$$$$$, Good for trying Asian cuisine, See venue details

3 – Satkar

Satkar impresses you with its great interior as it gives a magic atmosphere. Good variety of tasty dishes are presented. The location of the restaurant is fantastic! It is right in the middle of Helsinki.

For vegetarians, Satkar may be one of the best choices out there. It has reasonable prices and the services is very  friendly. Even though the staff cannot speak proper English, they try hard to make you satisfied.

$$$, Great for lunch, See venue details


“Fine Dining” is a monthly Finnbay column about fine dining in Finland that’s whether you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime meal or just need to grab a quick bite, the guide has got some great ideas and advice about where to eat in in Helsinki City.

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