Fine Dining: Tampere, March ’13

Fine Dining Guide: Tampere, March ’13

Whether you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime meal or just need to grab a quick bite, we have got some great ideas and advice about where to eat in in Tampere City.


Restaurant Borneo

Very popular venue with the locals. If you like South-East Asian cuisine then this is the place to go in Tampere as there aren’t any other options we can recommend.

Restaurant Borneo Malaysian TampereTheir dishes are ‘real authentic’! Taste of the food will bring back your youthful memories from when you stayed in Borneo back in the 90’s.

Pictures in the menu make it easier to choose, small description of the history of the dishes are included.

Feels of the love of the traditions, not just a good business. One thing you should be aware is that the place closes quite early (normal for Tampere but not for international standards).

The service is excellent with a stuff who can speak English and give you a warm welome. Good value for money.

$$$$, Good for Asian cuisine lovers, See venue details


C Restaurant TampereC is good for business lunches. For larger groups and evening occasions pre-booking is necessary as the place is small. For lunches you can usually just drop by, they usually have some tables free at that time.

Their dishes come with fine looking small dishes, but not too small to get your stomach filled. We have also re-visited C again in the evening for the 5 dishes menu with recommended wines, that was really awesome but a bit pricy to do that as often as one would like. :)

From time to time, they have some kind of local food week, mixing the famous black sausage in almost every dish in a very interesting (and tasty!) way.

Food is excellent though we believe the service needs a bit improvement. It would be good to show warm welcome, have some suggestions concerning about aperitif or food and popping in during the meal to ask about our comfort or whether we would like to go for any dessert.

$$$$$, Good for lunch, See venue details

Nelja Vuodenaikaa

Nelja vuodenaikaa TampereGreat budget restaurant. It is embedded in the market hall serving food made of fresh ingredients and open only when the market hall is open, making this a high quality lunch restaurant.

The food is French-orientated. This makes it perfect place to re-discover a bit of France!

Extremely fine dining at low cost, this restaurant beats all the rest in many ways! Every one gets a small starter to begin with.

The only negative thing we can say is that there is not a lot of space to sit and eat, but I believe this is normal as every square meter of the market is crowded of people, restaurants, or stallholders.

The menu is written in several languages, and the staff speaks a perfect French.

Service was quick and came with a smile and the staff provided a high chair and child sized cutlery for our 1 year old daughter without us asking.

It’s a pleasant break from the usual run-of-the-mill kebabs and pizza that are very common in Tampere.

$$, Good for lunch, See venue details

“Fine Dining” is a monthly Finnbay column about fine dining in Finland that’s whether you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime meal or just need to grab a quick bite, the guide has got some great ideas and advice about where to eat in in Tampere City.

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Agree with most of the comments but C is def the worst place to go. We had our supper there and the waiters couldn't speak English, and they were kinda rude not welcoming. I mean dont you smile when a human being talks to you? Geez... seriosly..