Kim’s Finnish Recipes: The Great Milk Flatbread

“The Great Milk Flatbread” (maitorieska) originates from the town of Ylivieska is a traditional Finnish bread. It got its name from the wartime evacuees.

Finnish food Maitorieska

Variety of Finnish breads

When trains brought hungry evacuees to the Ylivieska railway station, local housewives would feed them with warm milk flatbread and milk. It is very easy to make them!


• 1,5 l milk
• 1 l barley flour
• 1,5 tsp salt

Turn the oven to 300 Celsius degrees.

Add barley flour and salt to cold milk. Stir most of the flour with spatula and later knead with your hands.

Make a long bar of the dough and cut same sized pieces. Roll them first round and then roll them to 0,5 – 1 cm thick round bread. Sting them with a fork.

Bake in an oven at 300 degrees around 5 minutes until the bread has brown bulges on top.

Wrap the warm bread into a kitchen cloth and serve fresh. You can also freeze them.

Enjoy your traditional Finnish bread!

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