Finland Businesses Directory Guidelines


FINNBAY is a great way to find local businesses in Finland. Below article guides you through our online business directory of local Finnish businesses in Finland. If you are interested in placing your business in your print, see the details here.

Over 13,500 unique listings spread over distinguished categories with smart tags make any venues you need as close as to a click of a mouse.

In this guide, you will find information in regards to the framework of our directory.


Currently, we cover all service-based and intellectual property industries from Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Espoo, Vantaa, Vaasa and Jyvaskyla.

Company Names and Images

For the purposes of clarification and to be easily located by a user, some listing names are translated from Finnish to English.

This is done with ultimate care in preserving the brand name.

For example, many hairdressers in Finland will have their brand name, followed by “kampaaja” (meaning hairdresser in Finnish). In order for these firms to be found easily shown in search results, we only translated the “kampaaja” to “hairdresser”.

Similar tradition is practiced for other areas. For example, dentists will have the word “hammaslääkäri” (meaning Dentist in Finnish) before the dentist’s name and surname. In order for these Dentists to be easily shown in search results, we translated the “hammaslääkäri” to “Dentist”.


Default image for directory listings

Not all companies have their logos or pictures, instead, we have placed a default thumbnail in order to allow them to choose the one they like.

Business Listing Details

Not all listings have the same amount of information, yet. In Finland, there is no standard tradition that all companies follow in providing their contact details to the public on/offline. Consequently, you may notice some companies’ details to be full while others may only have an address or a phone number. However, the business owners are notified and invited to update the listings free of charge.

For practicality, we shorten the date names for opening hours of businesses such as Mon: Monday, Tue: Tuesday, Wed: Wednesday, Thu: Thursday, Fri: Friday, Sat: Saturday, and Sun: Sunday.

Directory Categories

The categories identify what you look for based on what the businesses promise. Below list explains some categories:

Beauty Salons: Provides all-in-one solution related to beauty services.

Conference Facilities: Includes any venues from professional auditoriums to small restaurants available for hiring.

Bistros and Lounges: Includes businesses that serve food and alcohol together as well as a friendly atmosphere where you can hang out with friends.

World Cuisine: Includes any cuisine that are not from Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

Vegetarian: Provides you places where you can find vegetarian and vegan food.

Finnish Architecture: Shows you places that are a must-see for their architectural beauty as well as places that offer exhibitions or information related to the architecture.

Dental Services: Includes both dentists and dental clinics.

Family Attractions: Includes listings where you can safely take your family members to have fun together.

Wellness and Yoga: Shows you venues where you can get special treatments like a spa treatment or acupuncture.

Consultants: Includes all sorts of businesses that offer consulting, management, accounting and/or other consulting services.

Electronic Services: Provides companies that are strictly focused on hardware and electronics services. For example, if your TV, phone or other electronic gadget is broken, then one of these companies will help you.

Home Services: Includes nurseries and other care related companies.

Finnish Fashion: Provides venues that claim to be different from the mainstream fashion and identify themselves as purely authentic “Finnish” fashion.

Accessories: Provide all venues related to shoes, bags, handbags and other non-jewellery related items.

Local Services: Includes any government service that may be of your help.


An example of a "tag" in a post

An example of a “tag” in a post

Tags of each listing highlight specific features of a business to make it easy to find relevant/similar venues around your area. This makes it easy to compare and contrast the businesses.

Sometimes, your needs may be too specific. Say you are looking for a park where you can take your dog for a run. Then look for tags that are “dog friendly parks in Helsinki” or click on such tags to see similar others in Helsinki area.

Comments & Reviews

Thanks to FINNBAY’s utiliberal policy, ethics of justice in openness and transparency are distinguished as you can comment and rate any businesses, articles, or any other visible content on to make your experience and knowledge about any entity to be heard publicly, freely.

All of our listings are non-moderated, by default, as long as they uphold our utiliberal policy in making comments publicly.

Some skeptics may claim that a competitor of a business can manipulate the system and post misleading information to divert customers. Be assured that, just like articles and listings, we have established the technology for you to be able to comment on any other comment as well. Thus, you as the listing owner or the fan of the company will have the power to respond and break any faulty statement that is made against you or your venue.

Things may get out of hands. At that time, FINNBAY editors will be happy to step in to solve the issue for you through dispute resolution.

Updating and Creating New Submissions

Life is not static, so as businesses. Companies change addresses, websites, and phone numbers from time to time. If you come across an outdated information, you can correct it on its designated page or email our editors to renew the information for free.

You can also submit a new business listing, here, for free.

Business Account Owners

Business account owners can own the listing page to, instantly:

  • Update the company details,
  • Create deals, vouchers and other promotional items;
  • Add video or pictures related to their venues;
  • Create special articles or infomercials;
  • Announce free giveaways and;
  • Announce job openings.

Business account owners feature help customers and business owners to interact directly with each other on an objective ground. Contact FINNBAY sales team to own a business listing of your venue instantly.


To make our public’s search in business services easier, we daily update and improve our database. Meanwhile, we encourage Finnish businesses to be more online-friendly and post their information on their websites or at freely and transparently.

Having an English language support for their websites is very important in creating a professional brand and reach out to all sorts of audience and customers in Finland.

We hope that our directory becomes an uplifting refreshment in your daily life on finding trusted businesses and services in Finland.

Thank you.