Joana Amendoeira Pre-Concert Interview: Magical night of Fado

Joana Amendoeira Pre-Concert Interview: Magical night of Fado - FINNBAY Joana Amendoeira is an honoured Fado singer.

She has already released seven albums and sings classical Fado from Lisbon and she is going to perform at Kulturens hus in Luleå, Sweden on 6 December 2013 at 19:00.

Prior to the concert, we have been lucky to have an interview with her.

During the concert we will have the opportunity to hear the melancholic tones of the emotional Fado music style which is described as Portugal’s reply to the Blues.

Joana, how did everything start?

Fado appears in my life in the childhood, 5/6 years. I cannot explain what moved me to fall in love so deeply by this genre of music at that age. This influence came from my parents, because they listen a lot of music, in general, and also they had many records of Fado, and we were used to listen at home! The first time I’ve sung in public was at age of 8, and the first big event I’ve participated was Grande Noite de Fado, in 1995, where I’ve got the 1st Juvenile Prize.

What do you feel when going to the stage?

I feel completely an infinite happiness and I feel free, my voice, my body and my soul, through the poems and the melodies and with the share of that magic moments with the other musicians at stage, and the audience. I think Fado is a magical happening, because can be always surprising, each day we can express this kind of music in a different way, also because of the improvisation.

Why a concert of Fado in Sweden? What is the story behind it?

In Sweden, of course! Actually I had my biggest tour of ever in Sweden, in 2006, and I had concerts in 24 different cities, through the South to North, and it was really a big success. I didn’t expected that so many people were interested in Fado, and it was a wonderful experience! Many of that audiences were exclusively Sweden people, almost none Portuguese and they expressed beautiful reactions during the concerts and at the end of the same.

I think, in our cultures, we have many things in common, like a nostalgic feeling. And beside this Fado is falling in love very different cultures in the world, because expresses feelings and histories of people’s lives that are universal, and even if the audiences doesn’t understand the lyrics, they concentrate and feel the expression and the all sonority of the voice and guitars.

Do you have any surprises for the audience during the concert?

Yes, I am preparing special concerts for this time in Sweden! We will bring you a very approximate night of a Lisbon’s Fado House, where the intimate and cozy ambient are perfect for the very special and delicate details of Fado happens. We will do our very best for the Fado be a magical moment for those who want to share that nights with us!

What are the plans for your career?

I am starting to prepare the 9th album of my career, a very important step that I want to be with an original concept, with an original repertoire, too,  that will be released in the end of next year. During this work process, in 2014 I will continue to travel a lot, sharing my culture in many countries where I never was before, and in many others where I will return. It is an honor to be one of the ambassadors of my Language, of the poets and composers of my country, and in general of Portuguese Culture!

Would you like to perform in Finland one day?

I would love to perform in Finland, and I know that are many people that loves Fado there. I had the opportunity to sing already in Sweden, as you know, also in Norway, in a Summer Festival, but never in Finland. I hope I can do a concert there very soon!

Do you know any Swedish words?

I know just a little few words like: «God natt, mina damer och herrar!» and also, «Tack», and I hope I can sing a Swedish song some day! I would love to sing a special Swedish song in December’s concerts, in Lulea and Stockholm!

Thank you, Joana.

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