Metallica Pulls More Than 28,000 Rock Fans to Sonisphere Festival in Helsinki

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 3 June 2014. The Sonisphere touring rock music festival started on Wednesday 28 May at Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki. The one-day rock festival featured special guests from the heavy and trash metal world such as Slayer, Danzig, Mastodon, Ghost, and Gojir  – all opened for Metallica.

Metallica concert (3)


Despite the rain and cold weather, Sonisphere Festival gathered more than 28,000 rock fans thanks to the name of Metallica. The beach was full within an hour or so right after the festival started.

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Metallica got on the stage at 21:30. Next to James Hetfiled, guitarist and vocalist, Lars Ulrich, drummer, Kirk Hammett, guitarist and Robert Trujillo bass player were present at the concert.

Their classics like ”Unforgiven”, ”Whisky in Jar”, ”Nothing else matters” rejoiced the audience.

At one point, James Hetfiled said, “This is a special song for you,” which led Metallica to perform “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” from an old track of 1988 album for the first time ever. The Finnish fans also requested the song before the concert took place.

The band’s “Black Album” has become the first in Soundscan history after getting through 16 million records sold. The album is the most popular of Metallica’s for the past 13 years.

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Performances are still on-going in Helsinki and full-scale singers are expected to warm the silence of the city in the following days.


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