Finland: Travel Books to Read Before You Go

Travelling to Finland and nature books

Courtesy of Wolfgang Moritzer

You have decided or life forced you to move to Finland. Good books on travelling or living in Finland are few and far between. But here are the best selections of travel books that you should read before you land in Finland as a traveler.

journey into Finland travel bookJourney into Finland by Pekka Luukkola was chosen as a Distinguished Book of the Year 2003 by the Finnish Book Arts Committee.

The Finnish jury’s evaluation said: “An impressive book of pictures employing exceptionally fine photographic techniques combined with high-quality printing work and impeccable typography.”

The book will give you insights into journeying to Finland.

Pekka will introduce you striking scenery from Finland and insightful places all around.

Sibelius: A Composer's Life and the Awakening of Finland

Sibelius: A Composer’s Life and the Awakening of Finland by Glenda Dawn Goss is an epic sweep. The book reveals the mysterious and elusive Sibelius. While you read the life (great Finnish composer) of Sibelius, you learn about Finnish life!

This is definitely not an ordinary biography, the history takes you through the complex web of personal, cultural, social, and political cross currents of Sibelius’ life like a guided tour through a time machine.

The book is richly illustrated and loyal to his subject. There is no better way to understand Finland from the eyes of an artist.

The Lapp King's Daughter: A Family Journey Through Finland's WarsThe Lapp King’s Daughter: A Family Journey Through Finland’s Wars by y Stina Katchadourian is about a Finnish family during World War II. WWII is one of the most important events in the history of Finland.

Before taking up a journey to Finland it is beneficial to learn the truth about Finland’s past in this rich and moving book. The author introduces you Finland of the time by talking about how her parents were separated by the war and her father was at the front fighting the Soviets while her mother moved the family around the country, ending up on a farm on the Arctic Circle, trying to keep her daughters safe from Russian bombs.

This can be your favourite book if you enjoy memoirs, traveling or history.

Tom of Finland: His Life and TimesTom of Finland: His Life and Times (Stonewall Inn Editions) by F. Valentine Hooven is all about the history of the of gay culture in Finland.

Tom of Finland is definitely one of the most popular Finn in the world and there is no better of knowing of Finland without a knowledge of Tom of Finland.

The book gives deep insights about Tom of Finland’s lifestyle and his comics. Tom of Finland’s art is illustrated with 60 of his drawings and 35 photographs of his friends and family.

Not you will only enjoy the drawings, you will be amazed by the lifestyle he had in Finland.

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