4 Hottest Finnish Female Models Under 30

Paris may be the heart of the international fashion industry but fashion scene in Finland is truly exceptional. Even though Finland is a tiny little country, its fashion scene has a particular sense of strength. It is hard to describe this notion with words; hence the reason to feature our hottest Finnish models here.

Below are our top 4 favourite Finnish female models who are popular, witty, and brilliant in their specs and extremely looked upon for their accomplishments. Some of the Finnish women below are undiscovered by the international media, and some are well-known all around the world. Let’s start!

Sara Chafak

At FINNBAY, whenever we mention of Sara, we usually call her the Moroccan Princess. Sara could be the best Finnish female model Finland ever had (and will ever have)! Born on 25 October 1990, Sara is a Finnish beauty pageant who was crowned Miss Finland 2012 and represented Finland in Miss Universe 2012. She has a Moroccan father and a Finnish mother. What makes Sara is the best? Sara is proud of her rich background and she is not ashamed of fostering her career while carrying her rich roots. Respect!

Sara Chafak

Courtesy of Sara Chafak

Sara Chafak

Courtesy of Sara Chafak

Sabina Särkkä (Sabina Sarkka)

Sabina, who is a 25 year-old Finnish model (born in 1989), makes it to our list due to her amazing talent! Sabina was crowned the first runner-up at Miss Finland 2012.

Sabina Sarkka

Courtesy of Sabina Sarkka. Sabina is one of the best Finnish fashion models in Finland. She usually focuses on costume-dominated shoots. Most of her work is based in Finland.

Sabina Sarkka Finnish model

Courtesy of Sabina Sarkka. Sabina usually works with particular Finnish photographers and focuses on fetish art.

Suvi Koponen

Suvi who was born on 26 March 1988 in Vantaa (Finland), is a well-known international fashion model. She climbed up the beauty letter after winning the 2005 Finnish Model School in Finland.

What makes Suvi interesting is that she is a tattoo freak! She already has five tattoos that we know of!

Suvi Koponen Finnish model

This was featured in Vogue UK February 2013 issue. The photo was shot by Karim Sadli

Sara Fabel

Sara is a unique Finnish model, because she is also an illustrator, a tattoo artist and an actress – an amazing combo for the art world. You may have come across her slogan “Hell Has No Fury.” We mentioned of Suvi to be a tatoo freak before right? Well, triple that for Sara! She is the only Finnish model that stands for true adventure!

Sara Fabel Finnish model

Courtesy of Sara Fabel


Sara Fabel Finland female model

Courtesy of Sara Fabel

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