“Espoo Barbie” Doesn’t Just Want to Be Sexy but also Smart

Barbielle Manson

Courtesy of Barbielle Manson

(FINNBAY) – Espoo, 13 May 2014. When our glorious Finnish girl with a bachelor of business administration decided to dress up and wear some makeup to look like a Barbie, many thought that she had a “thing” for Barbie dolls due to an early unresolved childhood experiences. However, Barbielle Manson “Espoo Barbie” says, No, it is not like that!

“I do not have a “Barbie thing” due to my early childhood experiences. In fact, I liked playing in the outdoors more, and with stuffed animals not Barbies,” says Barbielle Manson.

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Manson started to grow her interest in Barbies during her teen years when many commented her “doll-like” look. Later on, she experienced with make-up and then the Barbie look was born.

She decided to start an “art project” together with a photographer friend of hers. “We took many pictures themed Barbie. That is how I started this,” says Espoo Barbie. “I’m not trying to be “beautiful” in general. I want to be bold and experimental. My goal is to live every day looking like myself in life.”

Barbielle uses her Barbie style everyday because she believes that it is her style. “But it depends on a day and occasion how Barbie-like I look. But in my free time I live fully among my Barbie aesthetics. I do get recognized at the street and sometimes people come to chat with me or just shout something like “There goes that Barbie girl”. I’m okay with that and usually smile them back.”

She says she gets her clothes from regular stores in Finland and from the Internet, and then combine the styles she likes.

Pictures: Courtesy of Barbielle Manson.

Barbielle or her nickname in Finnish “Espoon Barbie” faces competition from the U.S. Barbies but our Finnish Barbie is unique in her way because she doesn’t have as much “plastic” as the Americans have. “My natural features are different from the many girls in America, because I’m natural blonde and have very Scandinavian genetics, I also have very pale skin naturally. That gives me a different basis of being a doll girl. I emphasize: only different, not better. So shortly; genetics, culture, surgeries.”

In dealing with stalkers, she says, “If someone gets too intimate, I simple vanish. But mostly people are just very kind to me, they may smile at me nicely or just tell me that I look like a doll. I rarely feel anguished when I’m among the people.”

Barbielle is here to stay to bring many people joy. She loves to live her life as a real life Barbie and she hopes to continue modeling for many years to come.

For more of Barbielle, visit her blog at http://barbiellemansonthesiliconebarbie.blogspot.fi

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