Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Leo man Leo woman compatibilityHey Leos! I am Curtis and tasked to find out how (we) Leo men feel towards other star signs in order to find the best match for us! In this column, I investigate the relationship between Leo man and Sagittarius woman.

I called up my Leo mates to help me with the topic by sharing how their relationship was/has been with Leo women.


Ryan (28) said, “My Sag and I were together for 5 years and it was a great 5 years. I would say that we were both down to earth. She is a very driving women and when she has something in mind she goes for it and tends to achieve whatever it was that intrigued her. I for myself was the same way. I always respected and loved that about her. When we had these ideas, we always supported one another.”

Down the Road: Infidelity

Ben (34), as always, were very skeptical about Sags. He said, “This will end sooner or later. Leo will inevitably dump Sagittarius – once they get tired of Sagittarius’s fickleness and habit of hypocrisy and infidelity. The funny part is – Sagittarius will be wounded because they will not understand why Leo dumped them! Sagittarius tends to confuse love with friendship, and friendship with love – that is why they usually get involved in one-night stands so often, and so casually. Leo is a sign, which thinks in fixed straight lines – and they know the difference between love and friendship right from the beginning.”

With or Without a Sag

Brandon (23) said, “I went out with a Sag for just over a year. She basically broke it off about 2 months ago but I was so hurt by the suddenness of it all. This woman left a HUGE impression on me and I cannot forget her. In fact, we still sleep together from time to time and we are explosive in bed and still so highly compatible in everything else as well. What scares me is that many of the articles seem to suggest that Sag woman will sleep around casually because of commitment phobias or because they enjoy the intimacy without the intracy or that they will sleep with you because you are “friends”. This scares me! How can you marry with a person who has a high potential to sleep with your best friend(s)?

I love her BUT…

Michael and Gill

Michael and Gill

Michael (39) said, “I am four years younger than my sag.  We both had divorces in our life, and are single parents.  We got together following my magical aura, and with her reality and gentle heart.  We are not married but have blended our family and children.  Usually she believes I am never serious and thinks the whole world is a game to me, I usually think she never has time for me. It is rough as hell, pretty sure that’s why she decided she needs a man like me. I would say as far as we go it’s like this: 100% of our fights I start. This is usually because I feel unimportant or uncared for. She loves me so much differently than how I love her. She loves me as the same as she loves the kids (mine and hers), I love her like it is the first date every time.  I desire so much more physical things than she does.  However, I forget she gets affected by just about everything in the world, and for me all that matters is what is at home, and mainly us.”

Ben wanted to add Michael’s comment, ‘Sagittarius thinks Leo is ‘proud’. Sagittarius – being mutable – ironically acts ‘proud’ to those whom they consider ‘intellectually’ inferior, but acts ‘humble’ to those whom they consider more ‘intellectually refined’ (even if that is a superficial polish on that person) and on people stronger to them. Leo’s definition of self-respect and pride is different. It involves personal morals, principles, and they often feel entitled to respect from others because they often espouse these same principles to others – you would often see Leos dispensing free ‘advice’.”


Anthony (34) said, “These two have a hard time getting together. Why? Believe it or not, their sexual craving for each other is so strong that talk is pretty much impossible. In addition, both have a quiet side, with each failing to voice how they truly feel. Sagittarius woman thinks Leo man is just toying with her, but this is simply an act. In fact, he is probably dead serious about her. They misinterpret and misunderstand that, really, the love is mutual. Most likely, Sagittarius will put it out there and wait for Leo man to come back strong and steady with verbal cues. But he’s action-oriented, like Sagittarius woman. In bed, Leo whispers endearments Sagittarius has wanted to hear her entire life. The physical side of things is perfect. If they can let go of their ideals, they can have a long, passionate, wonderful relationship. This can be a probable long-term thing and a very possible marriage.

There can be two problems here. One, Sagittarius needs to let Leo man dominate in bed completely. And two, Leo man, due to his insecurity, will not show or verbalize his feelings often. Trust is essential for Sagittarius. Leo doesn’t stay unless his smitten.”

This is our cut folks. It looks like sexuality, infidelity and mutual career aims dominate this relationship. What do you think? How do you feel about your Sag woman?

Disclaimer: Above article is strictly written for entertainment purposes by Curtis Farrell by a request from Charlotte Tween. It only denotes the writer’s and his other Leo male friends’ personal experiences with Sag women. The article assumes and generalizes mentioned sun sign to be the sole asset of a person’s identity. However, in reality, sun signs are only 7% of a value of a person’s identity asset. Other 93% is governed by other signs. 

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Im a sag woman and I'm married to a leo man for 5 years.Our marriage is not perfect but still great we have our ups and downs but its normal.What i find irritating in Leo's its their sensitivity,I mean if I make a joke about something they always take it to heart therefore I can't be witty,sarcastic as its always like I'm walking on eggshells. They are always think that they are right,and struggling with accepting even the slightest constructive criticism.If you defend your point in an argument they take it as personal attack, and they accusing you having a go on them.

They love compliments in fact they need them.He needs to hear everyday how beautiful he is,he is the love of my life,the sexiest man alive...and so on.I tell these things every single day to him but i physically can't give him as much cuddles as he need.They are needy creatures and Leo's very insecure under the surface.

They always worrying about who think and what about them,they hate being judged badly and they struggling to believe when a really attractive women show interest in them.They can be completely obsessed with their loved ones,they giving you gifts,compliments...make you feel a real woman.

Unfortunately they are extremely naive and they believe everything that they see,but in other hand they can sass out if someone's telling porky's:-)))They are short tempered but would never hit a woman,and they can get easily infatuated by beautiful women.Hopeless romantics,they love rom coms and I dont know about other Leo's but mine is faithful:-)))

As a Sag Im easygoing,happy,optimistic and always cheerful.Even just thinking about settling down scares the heck out of me but I need some stability in my life and that what my Leo's brings in. I don't know about other Sags but i never cheated on my husband,nor my ex husband but if Im really honest Im a thrill seeker.I love office flirts,lingering glances,I love to see when a man is mesmerised by me,I love when they get infatuated with me....and regardless my marital status Im still a hunter and an honest player:-))

Men fall in love with me very easily despite Im bonkers but I never take advantages on them....I have a great office flirt at the moment and the guy in question is a married Leo too:-))I dont think about anything serious as I would never leave my husband,but I think I wont say no for an affair:-)))))