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Hey folks! I am Jesse. For those who are new here, I am tasked to tasked to find out the best match for us Libra men!

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Throughout my research, I share my personal and my close Libra friends’ experiences with other star signs. In this column, I investigate the relationship between Libra man and Aries woman. Let me know what you think, as I am curious to hear yours as well!

As a Libra man, I find Aries woman to be intimidating and different. Based on my personal experiences, if I have to sum up an Aries woman, I would say: opposite’s attraction, power struggles, weak communication but great territory to discover. After talking to my friends on how their experiences been with their Aries girls, here is what we have concluded about them.

Good Traits in Aries Woman:

The best trait in Aries women we think that they have a big heart and are very independent. This clears almost all of their faults! They are decisive but at the same time, we see this as being too quick to settle on something before thinking clearly or deeply about it.

From time to time, it is great that we can establish interesting conversations but (unfortunately) these do not last very long. We enjoy that they give much attention to us but at the same time, we feel that they are not giving their 100%. That’s a challenge!

Libra Man Aries Woman Power Struggles:

Jack (a PhD student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand), reckons that they are too impulsive, and do not listen which lead them to act irrational.

“Aries women is found to be very impulsive and argumentative. The thought of controversy fascinates her. She may not encourage or simply be nice to you, and that is simply because her nature is made to criticize or go against ‘you’ to be funny or increase her leadership power or whatever. You will find relationship to be an enemy-style like none of your other partners would behave like this. Though, it is just so hard to cut the cord and say good-bye.”

Did you ever catch your Aries women stare at you? We did, many times! Imagine you are at your friend’s party and she will not come close to you or something but she will stare at you from far away not in a flirty way but kind of in a disquieting way, because it is hard to read what she is trying to do. We are not sure if other Librans feel this as well.

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Are Aries Women Affectionate towards Librans?

Ryan (34, working as a chef in Sydney) says, “She will not show any affectionate behaviors or compliment you.

She may hug you after you make the move or something. You will see that she lacks being affectionate. It is hard to say whether this is done on purpose or not. She will hardly ever compliment you. In my cases I heard maybe once or twice and their compliment was not really a compliment but anyway… works for those spaced Librans I guess.”

Libra Man Aries Woman Marriages:

Walt married to an Aries woman: “I love my wife, and It is true that when we are happy, well we are happy! We also have big clashes for nothing to be honest, we both have very strong characters! But a man is a man and a woman is a woman, and everyone has a chance to govern his/her own destiny. Personally I think that this is a good combination, the only thing to avoid is to clash hardcore style! If we learn to talk when fighting then you’ll see that life can be pretty lovely… Have faith for crying out loud! Take the imitative and call him. Better yet, text him. Keep it light. If your Libra is like me he’ll appreciate this low pressure approach. He might not be a phone person. Texting is easier and lower stress.”

Sex with an Aries Woman:

After his one-night stand experience with an Aries woman, Harry said that sex was a bit different with her. “Because she wanted to control and exercised awkward movements. For example, during the missionary position, she used her legs in a way that I thought she was rejecting or pushing me back and forth physically continuously but in her mind, this was having good sex?”

Long Distance with an Aries Woman:

Andrew had a long-distance relationship with an Aries woman. He says that the distance will be a problem for you two if neither of you solidify your relationship. “Libran’s really need that sense of relationship and connection with their partner, both physically and emotionally. Librans are known to be flirty, airy, and “The Social Butterfly” and when combined with the lack of constant connection with the one they love, can easily “falter”. This does not mean “All Libra Men Cheat!””

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How to get an Aries woman?

Well, if you ask us, Aries are usually attracted to Libras but see, after a 5min talk or something you may find that there is a big elephant in the room. By saying this, we mean that you may feel like there is something / some feeling or weird tension or electricity between each other but you do not know what it is. Therefore, the question is how you get rid of this big elephant!

We suggest you to use your friend’s help to brag about you! Meanwhile, go to the bathroom. When you come back just smile and talk about how much you are into sports and you would love her to watch you in the next game where you will kill X team or whatever. Then, say, “let’s drink!” and keep buying her drinks. After half an hour or hour, ask her what she feels like doing – like having fun. Good luck!

Libra Men’s Suggestions for Aries Women:
The Aries women will need to give the Libra the mental challenges he needs or he will become out of tune and very irritable. She will need to learn how to control her emotions and use logic or she will find the Libra man walking out the door. We love them but when the day is beautiful and we are laughing. We cross our fingers praying that they do not think of anything to ruin it.

We believe that Aries women teach us or provide us a different perspective. They are quite different from others. For all time’s sake, we would like to devote our mate’s **** song for all Aries women out there!

So enjoy being with them and share your experience here on how it has been with an Aries girl!

Which star sign should we investigate next? Tell us your experiences!

Disclaimer: Above article was first published by Astrolitarian by Jesse. Upon acquiring of Astrolitarian, the content is owned and served by The article is strictly written for entertainment purposes with privacy of people mentioned in the article are secured. It only denotes the writer’s and her other Libra male friends’ personal experiences with Aries women. 

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I am an Aries woman, and I love libras, very attractive males, but big time manipulators! The only good thing do dominate a libra is by giving him a challenge! Here are key things you have to do to make them go crazy! First wear something sexy, red is the color preferred, don't brag about yourself , listen to him and just pretend to be amazed by his ideas. Ignore him if ever possible, don't stare him down, he has to stare you down. Make it a challenge, don't be so easy on, they detest that. Keep you goal in mind, if you want a libra man you'll get him they always fall for our good looks and if you play innocent even better.


Well, I am an Aries woman... and I just met the guy that is "wow! he really exists! it's not only my mind", a LIbra Man. This has been like a whole great experience and we were not even close. This guy is so interesting!! and admirable! He has this determination in his own life, that i just want to be like that too... and well, he's like a rugbik, it's hard to understand sometimes, he looks so brave but so scared at the same time, I don't get it... I know that I could learn a lot from him and viceversa... but being with him might mean that I have to lose myself, his demandings are so particular that We could not coexist, well of course this is how it looks like, idk that for sure... I hope to have the chance to experiment and finally live a relation with a Libra man. THx!


I am a full on ARIES woman who has been caught of guard by a charming LIBRA male. Out of nowhere, He stole my heart. I love every minute of it, like air to my fire, he fuels my love, my passion. The passion is tremendous. I believe he is head over heels in love with me. But because I am an ARIES so head strong, independent and impulsive and he's so laid back, has to balance everything, we can never move forward. or could we? #BreakUpToMakeUP

Thanks so much for this article, I love it, it's mostly true, except for the sex part. We are not weird sex partners, we just like to change it up and keep it sparkin :) Libras become somewhat addicted to us <3


I'm an Aries woman with a Libra moon and am definitely way more Libra than anything. I can't stand a lot of ugliness or loud, overbearing people. I'm never out of control of myself but prefer others take the lead when making decisions, etc. I'm also not the least bit competitive or into sports, etc. I'm also hyper aware of how I look to others. Most Aries tend to steamroll over everyone with their insane egos, picking fights with everyone they meet for no reason. Not me at all. Can't stand most Aries at all and find they're too much for me.


I have read most of these "Libra male's opinions" from different sites.