Lotta Hintsa: 10 Things to Know About the New Miss Finland

Lotta Hintsa: Three Things to Know About the New Miss Finland, Suomi, miss Suomi, Miss Finland, 2013 miss finland, winner, miss suomi 2013, Lotta Hintsa is the newly crowned 2013 Miss Finland (also received the Press’ favorite award). And she’s just as tan and shiny as you expected her to be.

The new Miss Finland is a 24 year old studying business and economics at the University of Jyväskylä who believes in listening her heart than logic. What else is there to know about the Jyväskylä native beyond her affinity for sashes and crowns?

1. Her entrance to the Miss Suomi Competition was a secret: She didn’t tell her friends and family about her involvement with the competition until she made it to the finals.

2. She is “pretty good at golf.”

3. She had a secret relationship with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton around 6 years ago.

4. She was a store manager at a footwear shop.

5. Her father is a doctor in McLaren F1 team.

6. She believes that she is very friendly and likes making fast friendships.

7. She believes that Miss Finland could be a great role model and could inspire young women in the sense that beautiful does not have to be tied to being skinny.

8. She lived in Ethiopia for few years.

9. She currently is in a relationship with Kristian Näkyvä (ice-hockey player).

10. She won the Car Babes 2012 title.


Lotta Hintsa

Courtesy of Iltasanomat.

Lotta Hintsa Miss Suomi

Lotta Hintsa, Miss Suomi 2013, Miss Finland

Courtesy of Iltalehti

Lotta Hintsa, Miss Finland 2013, Miss Suomi 2013

Courtesy of Iltamakasiini

Lotta Hintsay, Miss Finland 2013, Miss Suomi 2013

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Mariane Wehbe
Mariane Wehbe

well she's like a poppet 100% made in Finland white because Finns are white not like former one