New Show Coming from Two New Yorkers to Finland

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 11 May 2014. Two natives of Syracuse, New York will be presenting a new puppet show in Finland’s annual International Puppet Theatre Festival. The puppet masters of Open Hand Theatre in New York have been invited to perform at Mukamas 2014 festival.

Courtesy of International Puppet Theatre Festival (Mukamas).

Courtesy of International Puppet Theatre Festival (Mukamas).

Geoffrey Navias and Leslie Archer will be performing “The Old Mr. Fox” for the six day event held in Tampere, Finland. Puppeteers Archer and Navias have made the play suitable for children though the play is mainly for adults.

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The idea of the play came as the artistic Navias drew up ideas and he brought those ideas to life using Open Hand Theatre’s life-like puppets. After several months of rehearsing,  Navias paired with Archer and other talented artists and the play begin to evolve. Nonetheless, Navias’ dreams became a reality.

Navias’ stated his reasoning behind the play was to “reflect on things we find interesting, curious and magical.” He is confident that “Old Mr. Fox” will be an audience favorite in spite of the language barrier. But Navias is not worried since Finns speak English. Navias’ says “the play involves very little language.”

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Mr. Fox is described as a mischievous, outspoken character so the play will be quite entertaining. To top it all off, the play will also include music from the Cello, Kalimba and voice recordings. Navias describes the play as someone having the feelings of missing home.

He said, “Our relationship with home changes as we age and with our reliance on smart phones. The phones have become home base, allowing us to take our private lives with us and connect with others wherever and whenever.”

The play “Old Mr. Fox” is set to be in Tampere sometime this year Navias says.

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