Pam Ann Interview: Finnish Humour is “Filth”

Pam-Ann-2014-HelsinkiPam Ann is a story of openness.

She is going to be in Helsinki for her stand up comedy show named “Plane Filthy” on 23 October 2014 at 19:00 at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki.

With enough chutzpah and insider knowledge to rival a Qantas CEO, no one serves a better airline satire quite like Pam Ann. First, Business or buried up next to the galley, Pam finds no shame in air travel and nothing will be left untouched.

She literally has an air hanger filled with airborne commentary on the quirks of some of the biggest international airlines, as well as stereotypes commonly held about flight attendants everywhere.

Before anyone had a chance, we have been lucky to have a chat with her:

What are the three things that come to your mind when you think of Finland?


“Plane Filthy” can be one of the best expressions ever.

Thanks it best sums up the show

You reference many airlines in your show, do they give any advertising fee or support your shows?

Many airlines and alliances support the Pam Ann show from all around the world, I’m a huge fan of the airline industry.

There are many travelers who have long times between different flights etc. Did you ever think of holding a show right inside the airport?

I couldn’t think of anything worse LOL people are usually stressed and in a rush to get to their gate so I am not sure it would be my best audience. I am guessing people would stop for a minute and leave to go catch their plane.

What do you think about the potential merger of Alitalia and Etihad?

Those 2 cultures together could prove problematic. I’m sure the carefree attitude of the Italians will frustrate the fussing on time Arabs.

Australian humour is something that will be very new to Finns (excluding the readers of FINNBAY) but any expectations from the Finnish audience?

Australians and Finnish love a drink so we have that in common if all else fails lets go to the bar.

When you think of a Finnish humour, what does come to your mind?


Sexuality and gender are very central themes in your shows. What are you trying to get across?

There is no message I’m just talking about real life observations.

Were you ever an airline hostess?

No I used to work in fashion!

Thank you, Pam Ann.

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