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Taurus Woman Cancer Man. Astrology Compatibility, Taurus cancer, cancer taurus, astrology, music, Astrolitarian, music for astrology, Taurus woman, cancerHey Taurus girls! I am Carrie, tasked to find out how we Taurus women feel towards other star signs in order to find the best match for us!

In this column, I investigate the relationship between Taurus woman and Cancer man.

To make my investigation fun and interesting, I invited my Taurean girlfriends to my home for a pre-party serving alcohol, chips and a crab ready to be dressed for my sneaky purpose!

Taurus Woman Cancer Man Song!

Jennifer, as a musician, was kind enough to jot down few words to patch up a song for this match.

Check out the first song ever written by a Taurus woman for a Cancer man! This is history ladies!

Followed by this great piece, it was not hard to get other Taureans to start talking about their current/past Cancer men.

Do Taureans have mother-traits or are all Cancer men big babies?

Stefanie has been with a Cancer man for 4 years (talking for 6 years). She, being a nurse, naturally, met his crab in her hospital. They started out very slow. Too slow!

His crab forced himself to be in the hospital for more than 2 weeks just to continue seeing Stefanie. They are apparently fiery now! When I mentioned about his Cancer man during our “dressing the crab” session, it was timely for her to explain his crab to us:

“He is a big baby! He does have many good sides to him but unfortunately, the negatives outweigh the positives. I prefer to be with a man who I can respect. He has very few attributes that I look for. However, he says I am perfect for him. He calls me whenever he needs business advice, even gets me to look over his books for him. I simply cannot bring myself to overlook his clinginess and need for constant validation. I almost feel like he needs a ‘mother’. When times get tough, (and boy do they) I am usually the one lashing out, and he is the one running back home to his family for weeks at a time. We never sit down and really talk about what the fight was about, we just have sex, which is off the chain! After that, things are back to normal until the next argument.”

Where is the real love?

Photo: Rodrigo Vargas

Jin (Korean-American) married to an American (white) for seven years. She said, “Sometimes it is hard to stay together because I seem to be passing him up in life and he is perfectly content to just “be”. He wants the pictures on the wall but I want to be truly happy and straightforward with my feelings. It is true though it would be a fail if this ended but while I fight to keep us together with him, it is what you see is what you get. Cancer men are loyal and steadfast providers but do not expect for things to change much on behalf of their doing. I hope that as the years go by it will all be worth it.”

Sensitiveness and Moody

Jenny said, all Cancer men are very sensitive. They are great in the sack, but their mood swings can be quite a turn off. Communication is a very important part in a relationship; unfortunately, Cancers do not like their flaws being put on the table. Instead, they would rather drift off into their occasional daydreams…and just pretend everything is OK. It is not reality. Cancer men live in dream worlds.”

Being married to a cancer for around 10 years, Jenny’s relationship with her Cancer man has been mostly rocky.

She said, “I have been accused of cheating, he has said bad things about me to my face, gotten so angry with me he punched walls, etc. I am not sure if I am just tired of his immature ways, or after years of mind games, I just do not trust him anymore. True, I am not the openly affectionate person, my angry dad, parents divorced when I was young, etc. Whatever the reason, I get disgusted every time he wants to be intimate. I am ready to end it like Lola, but I am torn because I am very unsure of everything, and if I try to talk to him about anything emotional, he blows up.”

“Communication is nil. I am scared of his temper, and I am supposed to be the explosive one. Cancer men carry many emotions, if they feel their relationship is been threatening in any way, shape or form, they will hide under their shell for protection. It is their safe heaven. We Taurus woman are very strong and we need to be careful how we treat emotional people. I would advise to let him come to you when he is hurt and stop trying to reach for him. If you keep trying then his claws will snap at you and you are going to feel he does not love you. Remember, once his mind is made up nothing you can do. Try to find another crab… Their moody swings is very hard to deal with sometimes, walk away and hold hand out, remember he need his mother, let him know everything is ok! As he gets older, life will teach him to grow up.”


One thing no Taureans complained about was that Cancer men spoil us and we love it! In my experience, he made me breakfast every day, and gave me massages all the time. I was hesitant to let him in b/c of my prior relationship baggage and I was not looking to settle down or get hurt for that matter but he made me feel so secure.

Photo: The Round Peg

A Scientific Research on Cancer Men.

Brittany dated two cancer men, still involved with one and the other still from time to time wanna hook-up. Both being born on the same day too! Brittany’s psychology background triggered some intellectuality, as she said,

“Depending on how a Cancer man’s relationship with his mother will determine how clingy and emotional they are. The Cancer man I am with now had a great relationship with his mother growing up, so he is not so clingy to me and emotional. His ass will not submit to me like my ex-cancer man. He on the other hand had a distant relationship with his mother, being a single mother she was always gone. Therefore, he latched on to me like a titty-baby. It took five years for him to completely accept our break up, I was through with him after two, and as soon as he found out I had another boyfriend… oh that is when he came running. They will have their mood swings, but when u try to leave them they become all cookies and cream…I do not think there is an answer for them in the science department!”


Taurean girls! I will have to admit, there is a great potential for success with a Cancer man. My girls see them as being big babies, sensitive, intimate, clingy but great to be with, and dropping us to a second grade in their world.

How would you rate your relationship with a Cancer man?
If you are a musician and interested in music for astrology project, contact us. :)

Please give it up for Jennifer who wrote the first song ever for Taurus Woman Cancer Man match! This is something you cannot find on MTV.

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