The Bear Man Of Finland Makes to Headlines in the UK

(FINNBAY) – Rovaniemi, 31 May 2014. While things are quite in Finland, the British society is amazingly excited to see 73-years-old Sulo Karjalainen fathering bears in Finland. His doc video has already received above 30K views. Some Brits call him a “copycat” referring to the Grizzly Man (2005) documentary.

Nevertheless, Sulo is a 73 years old Finnish man running the Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre in Rovaniemi with his brother in the north of Finland. His bond with the orphaned bears is so strong that many country people in Rovaniemi call him “the bearman”.

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“If you’re born in the woods, there’s something of the animal in you too,” says Karjalainen.

Sulo owns more than 20 orphaned brown bears. After working on a research project studying Finnish carnivores, Sulo was asked if he would mind taking in some cubs. And over the years a deep bond has grown up between Sulo and his furry companions.

He even started his own TV documentary (in Finnish). At present he looks after six bears and has no plans to retire any time soon.

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“It’s all just happened naturally and it’s been very rewarding. I’ve always aimed to give the animals everything they need and make sure they lead good lives,” says Karjalainen.

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