This guy motorbiked 8000 kilometers across 15 countries completely alone

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, but have never been to any of the Balkan states. So this Summer I bought a motorbike, got my driver’s license, shaved my head and left for one of the most adventures in my entire life.

Eventually I motorbiked 8,000 kilometers across 15 countries and 19 borders completely alone. It took me 4 weeks. These are the countries I went through:

Lithuania > Poland > Czech Republic > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia and Herzegovina > Montenegro > Albania > Greece > Macedonia > Kosovo > Serbia > Romania > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland > Lithuania.

I skipped only two of the Balkan States: Bulgaria (because people told me it’s not too interesting) and Moldova (because it would have been such a long drive the opposite direction).

I did not plan this route in advance and I didn’t even have a map. So I’d literally decide where I’m going next every night at my hotel rooms.

I really enjoyed driving down the coast of Croatia; doing the best mountain passes in Europe – Transfagarasan and Transalpina in Romania; exploring the ancient town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina; checking out the the UNESCO heritage site Meteora in Greece; and so much more!

About me: In the past 2 years I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m able to do this, because I’m a digital nomad – meaning as long as I have my computer and a Wi-Fi, I’m able to do my job and thus I never lose my income. I’m currently focusing most of my time on building – an online coupons company I co-founded a bit more than a year ago.

This article was written by Jacob Laukaitis.

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