258 People Died in Traffic Accidents in Finland in 2013

Finnish Traffic Police

Courtesy of Finnish police

(FINNBAY) – Oulu, 18 June 2014. There were 5,334 road traffic accidents involving personal injury which resulted 258 people to be killed and 6,681 to be injured in Finland in 2013. The statistics show an improvement compared to the previous year.

There were three more fatalities (6,684) and 407 fewer injured persons than in 2012.

According to the government’s statistics department, “Examined by age group, the number of road traffic fatalities increased most among the elderly aged over 64,” as 73 people were killed – 15 more than in 2012. Only 48 young people (aged 15 to 24) died in traffic accidents – seven fewer than in 2012. One in three of those injured in road traffic was a young person.

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A total of 57 persons were killed and 676 persons injured in drunk driving accidents in 2013. There were 14 more fatalities and 65 more injured persons than in 2012.

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