After 20 years of Operation, Helsinki Nightclub Becomes an Evangelical Church

Saint Varma

Courtesy of Olli Häkämies/LEAF/YouTube

(FINNBAY – Helsinki, 18 June 2014. So-so popular, Dante’s Highlight nightclub at Frederick Street 42 will soon become an Evangelical Church after being acquired by the Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland (LEAF) to lease to own the property. The LEAF is expected to complete the renovation by 2016.

“For us, we would like to be placed in the center of our city and this should not be exaggerated,” says the Chairman of the Board Ari Kuusela.

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The building is authentic to the history of Christianity in Finland since 1878. However, during the Winter War, it was bombed and later on restored some time in late 1930s. The LEAF “sold the property in 1989 to a group of enthusiasts whom converted the venue to a nightclub by the mid 1990s.”

The LEAF believes that the acquisition enables the venue to return back to its glory days. “With this move, we would like to open up the church for all the metropolitan residents,” says LEAF’s Executive Director Lasse Nikkarikoski.

“This feels good because many people dreamt since the late 1980s to return this venue back to the church – that was built by us. Now that we got the opportunity,” says Kuusela.

Watch the video (in Finnish) from the LEAF showing the venue with its history:

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