Burger King to Open Restaurant in Tampere in October-November

Mc at Burger King in Helsinki Finland. Courtesy of Burger King

McDonalds in Burger King restaurant. Courtesy of Burger King

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 13 June 2014. The Fast Food Restaurant chain, Burger King, aims to expand in Tampere in the fall. Mikko Mollberg from the Burger King Finland says that the restaurant will be opened in a central location in Tampere.

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“We cannot reveal the exact location yet as we do not want it be released to the public,” says Mollberg. “Though, we will open the Burger King Tampere restaurant sometime in October and November.”

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Mollberg sees Tampere’s dining industry to be growing and Tampeere as a city to become a prosperous city with a clear central area. “Tampere is very interesting in terms of the fast-food market and soon we will have our branches in Tampere,” says Mollberg.

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