Finland and Kuwait Deepen Relations in Oil Refinery Research

(FINNBAY) – Kuwait City, 23 April 2014. Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) have signed a five-year partnership to deepen relations in the study of materials related to oil refining in Kuwait.

Jouko Suokas and Mohamed Naji Al-Mutairi

Jouko Suokas and Mohamed Naji Al-Mutairi. During the signing ceremony. Courtesy of VTT

The cooperation also includes new areas such as environmental technology, energy efficiency, as well as industrial biotechnology. Based on a 5-year contract, VTT and KISR will intensify their cooperation to develop a process for demanding industrial applications.

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“VTT aims to expand its reach to new regions,” says the Executive Vice President Jouko Suokas.

In a previous study, VTT noted the importance of Kuwait of its oil-wealth, “The Middle East is however a very heterogeneous group and the more wealthy oil-exporting countries, notably Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar, constitute a relatively large share of both oil production and GDP in the region but only a small share of population, thus distorting the comparison between wealth and mitigation costs for Middle East.”

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In addition, the KISR seeks to receive know-how of commercializing research and development. The agreement will also contribute to inter-organizational co-operation projects and the exchange of researchers.

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