Finnish Army Gives Donut Recipe While the Neighbour is at War

Finnish army holding donut

Courtesy of Finnish army

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 2 May 2014. Yesterday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the beginning of military drills of units nearby the Russian borders (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine) due to an “unprecedented” increase of NATO military activities. Today, the Finnish army announced its secret donut recipe on its website for the world to see it.

Whether the Finnish army is excited about leading U.S. bakery company’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, entrance to the Finnish market and thinking about launching its own Dunkin’ Donuts brand or just to get away from all the stress that surrounds the region with the keywords of Russia, Ukraine, war, NATO, Baltic, and military trainings, one thing is for sure that the Finnish army loves donuts.

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Finnish donut

Finnish donuts. Courtesy of Salim Virji

While the Finnish army declined to comment on the Shoigu’s comment yesterday, today, the army released a donut recipe article on its website.

The Finnish army’s announcement consists purely on how Finnish conscripts have been enjoying Finnish donuts since 1920s. The first military canteen was opened in Helsinki 96 years ago where conscripts could relax in a safe environment whilst enjoying donuts.

The Finnish donuts are slightly different than original donuts – they are simply baked and have sugar on top. Here is the Finnish army’s donut recipe:


2 liters of warm water
400 grams of sugar
400 grams of butter
60 grams of salt
4 eggs
200 grams of yeast
3 – 4 kg of wheat flour
2 liters of vegetable oil for frying

Mix sugar, salt, eggs and yeast in warm water. Add flour and butter into the mix gradually. Stir the mixture until the mixture is smooth. Then, put the dough to a floured baking sheet. Then cook it on a frying pan.

The Finnish army did not comment whether the public is allowed to use the recipe for mass production for sale or not.

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