Finnish Board Suggests Increasing Security in Metro Through Strict Laws

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 24 November 2013. Metro Traffic safety working group proposes that the Metro in Helsinki should be regulated through strict laws, the Ministry of Transport and Communications informed. The aim is to have the highest level of service and safety in Helsinki.

Helsinki Metro Death caused

Helsinki Metro

Helsinki Metro is the world’s most northern metro system, and currently the only one in Finland. It was launched on 2 August 1982 after 27 years of planning. It is operated by Helsinki City Transport (HKL) for Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) and carries 50 million passengers per year.

Currently, Finland does not possess a security system in Metro as it is not laid out in the law. In addition, EU legislation does not force Finland to create an exception for subway transport service.

The Metro is by far the cheapest form of transport in Helsinki to operate, with a cost of only €0.032 per passenger kilometre. The same figure for the second cheapest form – trams – was €0.211.

The working group proposes that the metros governing transferred to the Transport Safety Agency. The law is expected to cover, inter alia, metro rail and metro network management traffic that would be subject to authorization.

Preparation of the Act is to be launched early next year, after the consultation. The working group proposes that the subsequent preparation might also include tramways in Helsinki.

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