Finnish Military Alarmed Over Air Force Drills at Russian Border

(FINNBAY) – Karelia, 30 March 2014. The Russian military base near Karelian border started an air force drill this morning pulling several Russian jets to the region. The Finnish Karelian brigade is alarmed.

Russian army training

Courtesy of Russian Defence Forces

The drill was launched in Karelia (Russian side) 250 km east of Finland. Sources say, within 25 minutes, Russian air force jets and teams have arrived from four regions of Russia to the region.

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The drills have continued to be conducted several times since the morning. “Strategic training for the Ladoga lake region is in session,” says an official from the Russian military.

The Finnish army has started a ’24/7 live-monitoring’ operation to watch the developments closely. The Finnish defence sources declined to comment further on this issue.

Similar operation was launched on Wednesday where Finnish residents from Imatra, Joensuu, Kuopio, Ilomantsi, Rantasalmi and Puumala reported emergency flares from the Russian border. The Finnish military headquarters declined to comment; however, Savo rescue services officials said, “Russian planes fired several shots during military drills near the eastern border.”

The Russian air force drill that launched this morning is also related to Russia’s 3-day nuclear war exercise involving some 10,000 soldiers to ensure Russia is prepared to conduct offensive operations in the event of an international use of nuclear weapons.

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Currently more than 40,000 Russian troops are stationed on the Russian-Ukraine border. Vladimir Putin’s former chief economic adviser, Andrej Illarionov, has said the Russian President wishes to “reclaim” Belarus, the Baltic States and Finland.

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