Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen Visits Google’s New Data Center in Hamina

(FINNBAY) – Hamina, 5 November 2013. Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen Visited the new (third phase of) Google’s investment of a data center in Hamina. He noted, “Google data center is a very positive asset for Finland. First, Finland needs more foreign direct investment, employment and enhance its economic growth. Second, the investment represents a new global growth industry, with a staggering potential for Finland.”

Katainen at GoogleGoogle’s previous expansion in Finland employed 500 workers.

Google’s new data center investment received praises from the anti-foreign sided party, True Finns as well. True Finns party member and a member of the Finnish parliament, Juho Eerola, said, “this is a great joy to have Google in Finland!” He continued, “I hope that the investment will employ local workers.”

Google’s service center in Finland was set up in 2011. It employed about 125 people. 

The Prime Minister said that in the coming decades, the major transitions in our society include digital and internet economy. To date, the IT revolution has taken place mainly at the level of hardware, but now it is running through digital yet content services

Katainen said, “Our job from the government side is to create and enable good infrastructure for various fields of business. We are putting a great deal of time and effort in building a favorable ecosystem and operating environment for new growth areas, especially in the digital economy.”