Finnish Soldier Shot and Injured Trainer and Two Conscripts Amid Standing Up to Russia

(FINNBAY) – Kainu, 23 May 2014. Right after the Finnish government roared at the Russian government “demanding” an explanation for “violating the Finnish airspace for two times” where it aimed to come up as ‘the tough guy’ in international relations empowered by its “infamous” NATO MOU, the Finnish army’s “coolness” was broken when the news came from the Northern Finland’s brigade that a Finnish soldier “accidentally” shot and injured his trainer and other two conscripts, again.

On Thursday afternoon, according to our sources, one of the Finnish soldiers hurt his trainer and other two conscripts during the combat training in which the Finnish army claimed that it was the biggest in its history.

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The army said, “the accident happened during the time when the soldiers were inspecting weapons.” The soldiers were taken to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

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