Google Brought “the Father of the Internet” Vint Cerf to Finland

(FINNBAY) – Kotka, 15 May 2014. For the sake of Finland’s Wappu celebrations, Google held a seminar in Vellamo Museum in Kotka where it brought Vint Cerf, “the Father of the Internet”.

 Google Shopping Express New York - May 2014

Google Shopping Express New York – May 2014. Courtesy of Google

Vint Cerf played a decisive role developing what became the backbone of the future Internet – TCP/IP protocol that allowed computers to communicate with each other over an arbitrarily large number of networks back in the 1970s.

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“Finland is very very important for Google. We have two major data centers in all of Europe, one in Belgium where I live and one in Finland, and we wanted to take this morning to explain to you what we do in the data center so that you understand what is happening in your neighbourhood and what opportunities you have to participate.” said, Bill Echikson, head of free expression, Google.

Google’s data centre in Eastern Finland is valued at €850 million. “In Finland, the region around our data center is struggling with the decline of its traditional economic motor – the paper industry. In March 2009, we purchased Summa Mill from Finnish paper company Stora Enso and converted the 60 year old paper mill. The first phase of the facility became operational in September 2011 and serves Google users across Europe and around the world,” said Google in a statement.

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During the seminar, Cerf introduced Google’s new “Google Glass” to Finnish people. The invitees talked about how Google’s investment is more than just bricks, mortar and servers. “Its about jobs.” In Hamina, Google is providing work for (at peak) approximately 800 engineering and construction workers. All of Google’s open positions can be found on Google Jobs page.

Google released below video that shows some of the highlights from the seminar:

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