Interview with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland on Quality Journalism

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 18 April 2014. The Crimea crisis carries out its sensitivity and it is utmost crucial for journalists to follow ethical routes in reporting while officials to listen, and act timely. An interview conducted with the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Jouni Mölsä, on quality journalism in Finland by Novosti-Helsinki newspaper sheds lights on the issue.

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 Jouni Mölsä

DG Jouni Mölsä. Courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

According to the interview (in Russian), Jouni has a journalism background for 20 years. He believes that journalists and politicians both have an important role in democracy and for him, a news item must answer to these questions: What is happening, how do we know it, what does it mean, what is going to happen next?

In relation to a question about immigrants having their own media channel in their native language, the DG while considers it to be important, he thinks that it should be clarified how and who should organise such activity.

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According to the interview, Jouni believes that press freedom in Finland is effective as it allows journalists to publish whatever they want without any fear.

Through the end of the interview, in relation to Finnish government’s variety of websites in promoting the country’s [good] image, Jouni does not see them as a problem, as he believes that it is not a crime to report good news from Finland.

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