Letter From FINNBAY Regarding Its Authority

Dear Subscribers,

FINNBAY has been the most successful media intelligence in our lives. It has been ‘the focal point’ of many readers around the world to get the facts about Finland and matters related to Global Political Economy. So we are surprised when we read reports from mediocre Finnish journalists on fact-checking of our sources and our entity. Here is what we have learned.

We Produce Facts

To start with, we see that our coverage of a news item in relation to Finland-Russia relations is seen as “fictitious” by the Ambassador of Finland to the Russian Federation, Hannu Himanen. Due to Himanen’s weakness, his peers have been impressively quick to support his abuse of FINNBAY over the Internet. Here is what happened:

On 5 April 2014 at 9:45 (Finnish time), FINNBAY published a story exposing insights of what Russian politicians’ (specifically the Russian Cabinet Committee on Foreign and Security Policy’s) views of Finland’s diplomacy related to Russia over the Crimea issue. The FINNBAY story suggests that the Russian Cabinet Committee on Foreign and Security Policy believes that Finland would continue to cooperate with Russia at all levels no matter what the European Union and/or the U.S. [sanctions] say. The source of this part was from the Russian News Agency, Itar-Tass, here:


Source: http://en.itar-tass.com/world/726470

Moreover, the story referenced a statement made by the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, who said that Finland would find ways to re-interpret laws to bypass any sanctions to talk directly to Russia. You can find this source from the Finnish government owned media outlet, YLE, here:

YLE News

Source: http://yle.fi/uutiset/niinisto_looks_for_understanding_over_finlands_russia_stance/7155797

Unfortunately, the Finnish Ambassador to Russia, Himanen without checking his own government’s website, said, “Please beware: your link [FINNBAY article link] leads to a fake site. The story is complete nonsense and grossly misrepresents Finland’s position.” Himanen, continued, “As Tweeters, we are always well advised to be critical of our sources. Fake sites and fictitious stories abound”.

Since our story is truthful, we are looking into launching a legal suit against Himanen. At FINNBAY, we do not tolerate abuses from anyone just to hurt someone. We also encourage him to look into FT’s investigation of Live Nation’s deals with the Hartwall Arena if he thinks that Finland will obey the U.S. sanctions against Russian investors.

FT Investigation: Sanctions could be a wrecking ball for Miley Cyrus booking

Some of the reports we read was shocking as they grossly suggested us to be a pro-Russian, pro-Kremlin slant coverage. We are not and here are some of the titles related to Russia:

Elton John Says Russian Law ‘Promoting Ignorance’ About Gays
Russian Actor Says He Would Burn Gays Alive in an Oven
Russia Denies Visa for ‘Arctic 30′ Greenpeace Activist
True Finns Party: Support Russian Langauge in Schools, Not Swedish
EU’s First Fight Against Russia in the WTO is About Vehicles
Russian Islamist Leader Threatens 2014 Winter Olympics

Here are some of the titles related to Finland:

Yes, We Have the Best Moms In The World!
Finland 4th Best Place in the World Where True Justice Exists, Says Report
Helsinki From 1907 to 1913 in Pictures
Finland Leads World in Embracing Information Technology
10 Most Beautiful Finnish Stamps
30,000 Kilos of Ice Turns into Art in Helsinki Zoo

Furthermore, we emailed every single Finnish Parliamentary Member couple months ago inviting them to write on FINNBAY. We still welcome any of their contributions on this or anyother topic they like. 

We are subscription based, you don’t like it, then you don’t have to come and read it.

Who are We?

We are a group of loyal volunteers. All of us have at least Master’s degree from reputable international universities. We contribute to FINNBAY voluntarily without expecting any payments under many motivations but two main ones are:

1. Have it to serve us as a reference in job applications in Finland or elsewhere.
2. To satisfy our needs to tell the world what we think [in relation to topic selection] is worth reading.

The Economist is our role model. They have been publishing news stories anonymously since the 19th century and we believe that it is the best option for a legitimate journalist. Because, anonymity enables the journalist not to be affected by his private relations with companies, politicians or others.

economist philosophy

Source: http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2013/09/economist-explains-itself-1

Who pays for our salaries?

No one. We are not funded or supported in anyway with the Russian government or agencies or anyone else. Let’s make this simpler: No one, no entity (as in anything that exists in the world) funds us in anyway or gives us money to cover our expenses (domain and hosting expenses). The subscriptions keep the lights on.

Since FINNBAY is not making at least 8,000 euros a year, we are not obliged to pay taxes. That is why we are not registered in Finland as corporate.

Though, if you know someone who can help us to register and not to lose our unemployment or social benefits, we would like to register FINNBAY in Finland with you. Seriously.

Why are the attacks sourced from the mediocre Finnish journalists?

We understand that our Finnish colleagues may have been disappointed as they may have never got as much coverage and referencing from the international arena as we have had (because they publish in Finnish) but abusing the one you cannot beat is not the right thing to do, especially for a person who fights to inform people.

It is worrying that some of the journalists are from the government owned YLE, Helsingin Sanomat (only twitter abuses) and Iltasanomat who already “reported” “a story about us” without even emailing us to check the facts.

Moreover, we also understand that the Finnish media wants to control what leaks from Finland in order to keep the brand clean, honest and tactful. When the Guardian newspaper, Michael Booth, criticized the Finnish society last January, many from the Finnish media condemned Michel over their social media.

Thus, we are not the first or the last one.

Our turn to use this opportunity to poke

Some of the most disturbing content published by the Finnish media is (naturally) in Finnish such as Hommaforum and Trooli. Unfortunately, both of the media organs have been publishing and allowing all sorts of discriminative content towards foreigners / international people each day.

Their forums are widely used by some of the well-known Finnish politicians who are/were also Parliament members. One of them did a Nazi salute in the Finnish parliament, the other called the Lieksa town to change the meeting room because he thought it was icky as some Somalis were there, another prevented Syrian infants to find home in Finland and hundreds of others.

Their entities are unknown but they give out an account to receive money from readers.

Not one single day, the Finnish government questioned their workings. Who are they? Why are they allowed to produce such hatred? Why cannot our Finnish ‘colleagues’ go into detail to expose them but to interact with them and worse support them?


Source: Migrant Tales

Our subscribers are also aware of the racist content the Finnish government media YLE produces as we report them from time to time. Though, we stopped following them closely 3 months ago.

We do not “distort” events, at best, we work to realign the truth that is misaligned by the Finnish media.

We will continue what we have been doing each day: Reporting the Facts! Because we have the balls.

Thank you for your support.


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Finnbay team feel free to contact me if you need any help. This situation just spreads finnbay' website around all Finland.

Thank you Finnish newspapers to make FINNBAY life easier! No need for marketing, national newspapers do that by free for finnbay :)

Best regards,

Filipe Mendes


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