Man Drowned in Lake During Boat Trip in Sotkamo, Finland

(FINNBAY) – Sotkamo, 21 May 2014. A Finnish man was found dead in Sotkamo waters near to a boat on Tuesday. Police says he was born in 1923 and a non-resident of Sotkamo area.

Boat sea drowning Finland news

Courtesy of Vinoth Chandar

Sotkamo is a small municipality of Finland which has a population of 10,694 as of January 2014.

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Relatives of the man had left him alone in the boat in the afternoon and he could not be contacted during the evening, hence, the relatives called the emergency response center for help. Later on the relatives found him floating on the water next to the boat.

When the rescue units arrived on the scene, they found the deceased body. Police continues to investigate the cause of the death.

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