Russia Considers Discussions of Finland Entering NATO Dangerous

(FINNBAY) – Moscow, 31 May 2014. The Russian Foreign Ministry released its latest official opinion on the discussions of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. Accordingly, Russia considers the dialogue of Finland and Sweden to join NATO to be the source of negative consequences.

“On the background of building up the NATO infrastructure in several countries bordering on Russia and resuming discussions of Sweden and Finland entering the military bloc, the risk of negative changes in the North and Baltic Sea Region was stressed, while this region is traditionally characterised by a low level of political and military tension,” says the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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The statement comes in relation to the regional conference of Russian ambassadors to Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia held in Helsinki on 30 May 2014.

The Finnish Defence Forces did not comment about the statement.

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