Russian Defence Forces: We Fire on Unfamiliar Sites ‘Near Finland’

(FINNBAY) – Karelia, 31 March 2014. The Russian military base near Finland border (mostly in Karelia) has started intensive military trainings since Sunday morning. In relation to firings over the territory that is nearby Finland, the Russian defence forces spokesperson says, “Firings are done on unfamiliar sites.”

Russian planes

Courtesy of Russian Defence Forces

Russian Western Military District (WEST) headquarters have been conducting intensive trainings nearby the Finnish border related to Russia’s 3-day nuclear war exercise involving some 10,000 soldiers to ensure Russia is prepared to conduct offensive operations in the event of an international use of nuclear weapons.

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According to the spokesperson, the firings and flights are taken to “the 2nd stage” – a secret military plan – in almost all regions of the Central and North-Western District of Russia.

So far, sources say, the Russian army’s 2nd stage can be related to training soldiers on “search and rescue” missions. On 29 March 2014, the Russian military’s WEST team announced completing a large-scale training on search and rescue where more than 40 specialists were divided into two teams, and each of which had to perform immediate tasks.

“The uniqueness of these events is that the soldiers and the air force are preparing themselves for operating on new fields. This element of combat training allows flight crews to enhance their experience in these regions,” says the spokesperson.

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The Russian military has scheduled training flights nearby Finland to pass in 4 shifts at different times of day. They are attended by the crews of Mi-8 helicopters of various modifications and Mi-24s.

The Finnish defence forces declined to comment on these new developments near the border; however, it is known that the Finnish army has started a ’24/7 live-monitoring’ operation to watch the developments closely.

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