Stockmann’s Clothes Originally Made in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Textile workers timeline in working for stockmann from manufacture to distribution to arrival in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 24 February 2014. Stockmann Group, which sell one of the most expensive clothing items in Finland, manufacture its clothing brands in Bangladesh and then ship it to Finland for sale at astronomic figures.

Stockmann Global Essentials Jacket sold for €149.

Stockmann Global Essentials Jacket sold for €149 in Finland.

Stockmann, which was established in 1862, is a Finnish listed company engaged in the retail trade. The Group’s revenue in 2012 was €2,116 million.

Stockmann has been keeping the origins of its products as secret to this date. According to our sources, Stockmann’s own (expensive) brands such as Bogi, Global, Caphorn and Bodyguard are all made in Bangladesh.

About 20 percent of Stockmann’s revenue comes from its own-brand sales.

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Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest producer of textiles after China, and the country has the lowest minimum wage in the world, which was around €20 per month in 2010. At often times, angry Bangladeshi workers demand more money and better working conditions in the streets.

Made in Bangladesh etiquettes will appear in Stockmann products starting from this summer when the new collections arrive to the stores.

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