Taliban Attack in Kabul International Airport

(FINNBAY) – Kabuk, 18 July 2014. A group of Taliban Insurgents attacked Kabul International Airport and started clashes with the Afghan National Security forces on Thursday morning.

Kabul Airport Attack


Ministry of Interior (MoI) Spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi tells FINNBAY news that about 4:20 a.m. local time insurgents positioned under a construction building in Qasaba area began firing at the airport.

According Sediqqi, there were six insurgents under construction building in Qasaba Area.

Four of the six insurgents were gunned down by ANSF the two other detonated their explosives killing themselves. The first suicide bomber detonated an explosive-laden car at the start of the clash only claiming his life; the second suicide bomber detonated himself before being gunned down by the ANSF.

Security officials say that Commander of Army Brigade 111, Gen. Qadam Shah Shahim, was wounded in today’s attack on Kabul Airport and hospitalized in Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan hospital for further treatments.

The clash ended around 9 a.m. local time with no civilian causalities.

According to reports, the insurgents were targeting military aircrafts that are housed at the airport.

Haq Nawaz Haqiar, commander of the Afghan border police forces at Kabul airport, confirms Thursday’s attack on Kabul airport and says that no damages were brought to commercial and military aircrafts.

This is the third attack on Kabul International Airport in a month.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

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