The Famous FINNBAY Press Release

We decided to name this article as “the Famous FINNBAY Press Release” as we thought that there are good points made here and we could mention this article over and over again in the future.

Unfortunately, from today onwards, we have increased our security measures on our website which prevent the public to read our new articles based on a trial basis. Now, to receive our news, they must be subscribers. We have already informed our subscribers.

The reason behind this was explained in our “The Not So Famous FINNBAY Press Release.”

When we read variety of articles written by strangers on blogs and very ethical Finnish owned media channels like YLE, Helsingin Sanomat, Iltalehti, Iltasanomat etc. we really thought that these people watched a really bad Hollywood fiction movie and they were really impressed by it that they just had to tell the same story by giving us the chance to shine.

We believe that Finns lack proper methodology due to low self-esteem (There is already an article that discuss this theme). To be brief about this statement, check this “research” out here, this research was done by the Helsinki city. The basis of the research involved asking 18 (eighteen) people and calling the whole research “Russian-Speaking Professionals in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.” Right. There are over 70,000 Russians living in Finland but 18 is enough to prove that you know all of them.

Related to this methodology and ethics issue, we would like to mention some of the lies they told to their readers back in April.

YLE, Helsingin Sanomat, Iltasanomat and Iltalehti lies The Truth
Mika Aaltola at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs claimed “the way Finnbay operated had similarities to an information warfare operation, with an aim to confuse public debate.” Lie. Mika was never a subscriber of FINNBAY and he did not talk to us or know anyone of us. We have about 15,500 articles here and only about 10 of them are related to Finland-Russia political relations. Mika’s “academic” quality and very smart methodology is obvious as he concludes a research by looking at 1 article out of 15,500. Also, have you checked out his smart researches with no references? It looks like Mika does not need any references for anything which makes him very reliable by his peers in the Finnish media.
“ANSA told Yle that no partnership agreement exists between the two parties, nor does Finnbay represent ANSA in any way.” Lie. We have spoken to ANSA, and they said one person from Financial Times (not YLE) called and that person talked to the accounting department. They have no idea about partnerships or contents. We also have a partnership agreement and got their consent about what we wrote on our page. Happy to provide anything to international peers.
“Finnbay later continued the theme using an interview with Defence Force publicist Eero Karhuvaara, who told Yle that his comments were used inaccurately.” Lie. We have the recordings and witnesses of this conversation. We said exactly what he said on the phone. Seriously. It is not our problem if Finns are afraid of Russians.
“Apart from denials from companies purported to be trusted partners, an address for the company’s head office led Yle reporters to a dead end.” Lie. We worked with all of them and they were given as reference points. We provided most of them free service why not reference them? Is it too much? Moreover, some of our writers have press cards and we even joined press trips arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. People (including government people) at the Press Center know exactly who we are and where we live. We met them, talked to them etc… Everyone knew the address issue as it was given for protection purposes. Ethical Finnish media here wanted to pump up their scaremongering level.
“Neither the ministry nor Supo found evidence of anything other than poor journalism.” Lie. We talked to Supo and the Ministry and both of them strongly denied that they would give out a comment like that or even anything close to that.
Finnbay is hacked.” Lie. While the not-so ethical Finnish journalists were criticizing our content (well 1 article out of 15,500), these organs published articles saying that we were hacked. This was funny. After an hour, they realized that they were looking at a different website! Later on they admitted their mistakes after seeing humorous comments on their websites.

The most disheartening situation related to the Finnish media’s ethics was that we decided to help them and we kindly gave them an unpublished brand-new interview with FINNBAY’s spokesperson free of charge. However, they used that article to attack us further. All these issues, as you can see, has shown us the true color of those writers and what they attempted to do but failed.

The Economist blog writer, Edward Lucas, references fake G+ profiles, fake and non-existent blog sites along with newly set up unreliable blogs to make his story on the Economist’s blog section as opposed to be able to publishing on the magazine. His hollywood fiction movie stems from his unhappy times back in the Soviet Union. Fact.

Lucas apparently told Onur how we was outcasted in the Soviet Union and his neighbors / its society and how he lost his trust towards the Russians and he built this some sort of anger to get back at them. Fine. But, that does not give anyone the right to be unethical and bully others just to get back at Russians. We believe that he is not about integrity as we asked him to name us the place and time to meet. We would cover our costs and even if he was in Canada/Chile/Africa wherever we would come to show ourselves to him. But, no, he wanted to have a “one lasting Russia related” lame story to get back at Russia (like we give a f. but whatever) as opposed to wanting to learn the truth. Onur was explaining him the issue over the emails then he suddenly said he would publish the future replies openly. Why? We thought that he wanted to learn the truth?

In his blog article, he does not even conclude his article by noting the fact that the Finnish government took a step back apologetically and accepted that FINNBAY had no ties/relations or any sorts with any governments or entity on earth. Edward Lucas’ action(s) tells us how he was not after the truth, ethically, but another fake story to get back at Russia by using us. Shame!

These issues showed us the dark side of many journalists’ unethical culture in Finland. Unfortunately, they were not about integrity but had the short-term tools to spin a debate to prove their stories, at best to confuse their readers. Fact.

You as a reader has witnessed three things

1. Were you smart enough to follow the issue from the beginning to the end? The issue was the Finnish ambassador called one of our stories as fiction (on twitter) – a story that quoted his boss and ultimately proved right in the end – and we invited him to come in front of cameras or even answer our emails for a showdown. He cowardly could not do it but his peers (reminder: YLE is a state-owned Finnish media and others receive funding from the government) helped him to spin the story to make some sort of Hollywood movie starring some NATO or Russia backed media organ, FINNBAY pushing Finland to become a NATO member or something.

2. This was a turf war between independent voice VS. local paid voice that was trying to protect the country’s very “ethical and honest” Finland brand.

3. You as a foreigner in Finland don’t like how we have handle “the stuff”? You think you can do better? Then do better. All we can do is to help you with some free articles that will give you the power to edit/remove anything you want. But do something as opposed to being silent in the corner and submissive in Finland. Get up. Do something.

Thank you.


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