Believe it or not: There is Only One Company that Makes Ice Cubes in Finland

(FINNBAY) – Helsinki, 22 May 2014. Finland might be one of the coldest places on earth and you may think that you would not need to produce ice cubes in such a cold country as the weather would take care of it. However, the country still consumes massive amounts of ice cubes and interestingly there is only one country that makes ice cubes in Finland.

Ice cubes manufacturer in Finland

Courtesy of Bloks

Bloks Ltd is the only Finnish company that has been supplying Finland’s ice cubes demand for just over a year.

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Experts say that the supply of ice-related products has been weak in Finland and many imports ice products from outside of Finland – mostly from Latvia. Bloks started its operations in 2013 under the motto to change that scenario.

“We have a machine that turns water into ice cubes, which is much more durable and has rich characteristics than the ones used in restaurants and home-made ice cubes,” says the founder of Bloks, Arto Manninen.

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The company sells its ice cubes in 1.5kg and 4kg bags in ABC and K-group markets (K Citymarket, K Supermarket and K Market).

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