Vaasan Bakery Workers Staged Full-Day Strike

(FINNBAY) – Tampere, 16 June 2014. Vaasan bakery may not be able to distribute any of its bread products in the Pirkanmaa region on Monday due to the full-day strike on Sunday at 6:00.

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Vaasan bakery factory

Courtesy of Vaasan Bakery

Vaasan workers staged a strike to protest against their employer’s decision to fire 66 employees last Thursday. Vaasan launched labour-negotiations back in April for its workers in Rovaniemi, Kiiminki and Tampere. In conclusion of the negotiations, 45 people were dismissed in Rovaniemi, and 11 in Tampere.

Unless the protests end on Monday, Vaasan will not be able to deliver any breads to its stores in Pirkanmaa.

Tiina Heinonen, a worker from Tampere disagrees with Vaasan’s policy to produce more light breads. “We do not accept the employer’s decision to focus on light bread production. We think it is the wrong trend, as it causes aging of the freshness of the bread. The consumers do not like it.”

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Vaasan’s bread production has declined in the past few years as many shops have started to sell of in-store bakery products.

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